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WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Challenges Biden Judicial Nominee Over Past Support For Trans-Identifying Men In Women’s Prisons

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The Louisiana Senator started off with a bang by saying that he didn’t believe the judge’s previous testimony to his colleague.

During Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, the often jocular Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) remained serious as he questioned Biden’s nominee for United States District Court Judge for the Northern District of California, Eumi K. Lee, about her past writing that argued that male convicts who identify themselves as women should be housed in women’s prisons.

The issue of male prisoners being housed in female facilities is an ongoing problem as women are being abused and raped because, it turns out, biological differences are real.

Judge Eumi Lee tried to wiggle out of her statements by saying that the article that Sen. Kennedy was referring to was a summary of a panel that she was moderating a decade or so ago.

Senator Kennedy isn’t buying that excuse and pulls up several examples of her own words showing that she argued for housing men in women’s prisons if they self-identify as women.

The exchange occurred after the incomparable Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) raised the issue of the Alameda County judge’s written views earlier in the hearing.

Check out that exchange here:

Judge Lee might be an accomplished woman, but she isn’t a badass. She’s just a squishy Lib trying to run away from trash Lib ideas to get a seat on the federal bench.

Don’t be like Judge Lee.

Be a badass woman.

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