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Awkward: Dem Senator Formally Accused Of Being A Foreign Agent

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While Dems are working hard to throw Trump in prison for, well, anything at this point we keep hearing about actual Democrats who are guilty of the very things they try to accuse him of.

If he’s a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for talking about rigged elections, what happens when two Dems accuse each other of dirty tricks using ballot drop-boxes?

How about the fact that the timeline now suggests that Feds had information about Biden’s mishandling of government documents BEFORE they set in motion decisions leading to indictments against Trump for the same thing… almost as if the Mar-A-Lago raid was intended as a distraction to dirty up Trump so that nobody would think twice about a Veep having classified documents he had no lawful right to possess.

And the grand-daddy of the allegations against Trump was that he has been secretly in the pocket of Vladimir Putin this whole time. Despite tens of millions of dollars of investigations trying to ‘Trump up’ charges against the 45th President, this entire line of argument came up empty.

There is no evidence that Trump has ever cooperated with foreign powers against national interests, whether for profit or for any other reason. The same cannot be said for the Clinton and Biden families, both of whom have their fingerprints all over aspects of Crossfire Hurricane.

Even leaving aside those family connections, the ‘Defending democracy’ crowd that was (and still is) hellbent on indicting Trump as a foreign agent has a problem on its hands.

Senator ‘Gold Bars’ Menendez has now been indicted for working on behalf of a foreign country… specifically Egypt.

Pictures released by the feds Thursday show New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife meeting with Egyptian officials — as the pair were hit with fresh charges of illegally acting as foreign agents of the country while allegedly pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of gold bars and other bribes.

Menendez, 69, his wife Nadine and Egyptian-born business associate Wael Hana were all charged with helping the veteran Democrat — already accused of secretly lobbying his colleagues to unfreeze $300 million in military aid earmarked for Cairo officials — act on behalf of Egypt without disclosing it to the US government.

Menendez’s alleged time as an unregistered agent of Egypt came while he held the powerful post as chair of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee — which was tasked with overseeing US military funding to the country.

The new indictment includes explosive details regarding an alleged May 2019 meeting in which the senator met in his Washington DC office with an Egyptian intelligence official to discuss Congress’s reservations about funding the Egyptian military in light of a 2015 Egyptian airstrike on a tourist group that seriously injured an American citizen. — NYPost

Working with a foreign intelligence official?

Yikes. That sounds bad.

Like, REALLY bad.

It sure sounds like Hunter Bide would agree: Audio: Hunter’s Representation Of The ‘F**king Spy Chief Of China’ … Is That News?

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