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Tucker On X: Migrants Flooding The Sourthern Border Isn’t Just An Invasion — It’s A Crime (VIDEO)

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The criminals that are allowing waves of mass immigration into the United States need to be held accountable.

The Biden administration has taken unprecedented steps to normalize illegal border crossing — they’ve created “pathways” to allow illegal migrants to come in and stay.

The New York Post reports that ICE is monitoring 5.7 million illegal migrants in the United States, and it gets so much worse. The “Release and Reporting Management” (RRM) program that was put in place to monitor illegal migrants, has turned into a taxpayer-funded social program.

The program would cost “billions” and effectively be a “welfare” program for non-detained migrants awaiting court dates, former ICE director Tom Homan told The Post.
“The RRM is just a push by the open border advocates to provide welfare benefits to 6 million people,” the former ICE director continued.
RRM is anticipated to “replace all of ICE’s non-detained programs” and would “apply to the entire non-detained docket,” a question-and-answer form ICE published in September reads, clarifying: “The current non-detained docket is 5.7M.”
Those held in ICE detention for processing at the border or in facilities awaiting deportation are not included in the 5.7 million figure.
The services for “all RRM participants” would include “legal assistance; psychosocial services; therapeutic services; medical services; food and clothing banks; housing; public transportation information; parental information; education information; and repatriation and reintegration services,” according to the RFI form published Aug. 17.
“These services are designed to increase participant compliance with immigration obligations through information, stabilization, and support. Services will be individualized to each participant’s needs and may range from basic referrals to intensive direct assistance,” the RFI form reads.
Source: New York Post

In this episode, Tucker invites Todd Bensman, an investigative journalist and author of the 2023 book about flood of migrants at the Southern Border, OVERRUN, How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History and Polish politician Dominik Tarczynski of the European Parliament who defends his country’s strict immigration policy.

Watch Tucker discuss this incredibly serious issue in his latest X episode here:

Is he right or is the issue more nuanced? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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