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BAD NEWS: Bidenomics Bringing BIG Bankruptcy

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Remember back in 2020 when the economy was in the toilet because the wizards in the government thought it would be a really great idea for everyone to hide at home for a year and a half?

We all saw how well THAT experiment played out — including the series of bankruptcies it triggered not to mention the enormous government debt and host of other negative impacts.

The one comfort we had in that economy was the knowledge that our economic issues were artificially bad. Once the government took its boot off our neck, we’d be back to the races.

Or we would have been, if we didn’t come out the other side with a Democrat government holding the reins of power. Every time we turn around they keep finding NEW boots to put on our necks.

With the economy grinding to a virtual halt in 2020, it was predictable that a lot of companies simply wouldn’t survive that level of economic pressure. Bankruptcies were high that year.

But that was then.

Biden has been bragging that life is far rosier now than it was under Trump. The economy is on fire, don’t you know? Just ask him.

But is it ‘on fire’ in a good way? Or are we looking at more of a dumpster fire?

A look at bankruptcies, combined with a few other leading indicators just might point to the latter:

Large-scale corporate bankruptcies are at their highest level since 2020 as elevated interest rates continue to batter businesses.
This year giants such as Bed Bath and Beyond, trucking firm Yellow and wedding retailer David’s Bridal have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy thanks to a perfect storm of rampant inflation, high rates and supply-chain disruptions.
Some 459 corporate firms have filed so far this year, already surpassing the 373 in 2022 and 408 in 2021, according to S&P Global figures cited by Insider.
What’s more, so-called ‘mega bankruptcies’ – those by companies with more than $1 billion in assets – hit 16 in the first half of the year.
By comparison, figures from consulting firm Cornerstone Research show there have been an average of 11 ‘mega bankruptcies’ in the first six months of every year between 2005 and 2022.
[…] The rise in bankruptcies coupled with a weakening stock market and surge in credit card delinquencies has sparked fears the US is heading for a recession. DailyMail

Bidenomics, he tells us, ‘is working’.

The question we should be asking in response would be ‘working to do WHAT’?

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Wes Walker

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