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ISRAEL: Tucker & Vivek Talk About NeoCons Ramping Up For Yet ANOTHER War

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Believe it or not, two things can be true at the same time. It is possible to support the right of Israel to defend itself in the current conflict while stopping short of sounding the drums of war for our own country.

We live in a world of finite resources. If we commit our time, energy, wealth or personnel to one task, it means we are not committing it to another task.

The role of a leader is to take stock of our resources and balance their use against our legitimate priorities. Realistically we don’t have what it takes to chase every opportunity, so we need to pick our spots.

As a generalized principle, that isn’t hard to understand, is it?

But when you take that same idea and apply it to thorny geopolitical questions like Israel, Ukraine, or Taiwan — suddenly it gets muddier in many peoples’ minds.

For example, some GOP officials and would-be leaders have an interest in taking the fight to Iran. But what second-order consequences would follow thereafter? The what-next question is the one so few leaders ask — which leads us down all sorts of blind alleys.

Tucker and Vivek explore these questions from a position that’s far more pragmatic than the one offered by the Dan Crenshaws and Niki Haleys of the world.

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Wes Walker

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