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Bidens’ Bad Day: America First Legal Hits Him HARD On THREE Different Fronts

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It’s been a rough week for Joe Biden. Between sitting for a deposition for the criminal mishandling of classified documents to the latest Middle East Crisis, there’s a lot on his plate that can’t be delegated away to subordinates.

But if he thought things were bad before, wait until you see the headaches American First Legal has unleashed on him.

He’s on his heels in three different areas.

First: the revelation of thousands of documents showing communication between Veep Biden and Hunter Biden’s business associates (despite all claims to the contrary) which would land Joe himself squarely in the center of any pay-for-play schemes that the left has tried to pass off as merely the ‘illusion of influence’ (in the words of Rep Goldman, who ironically led the Trump impeachment).

Second: a White Paper they released giving strong evidence that the entire case Mar-A-Lago case is fatally flawed by reason of Presidential Immunity. If that holds up, the one albatross the left was most desperate to hang around his neck to discredit him vanishes like morning mist in the warmth of the sun.

Third: a Taylor Force Act lawsuit moving forward at the WORST possible time for Biden, potentiall putting blood on his hands as culpable for the Hamas killings for violating US law in giving money to terrorists.

Here’s the one-minute announcement by America First Legal.

Here are quick summaries/links for each aspects of that story.

Story One: Joe never talked to Hunter about business. Just about the weather, right? Wow. They all sure had a lot to say about the weather:

Story Two: The White Paper about Trump’s Presidential Papers

The argument is being made in this white paper that the rights Trump has over his own Presidential papers supersede any claim the Presidential Records Act may make on those same papers.

More than that, the case is made for why claims made on Trump’s papers by the Presidential Records Act violate specific Constitutional provisions. This clickable tweet is the first in a thread describing that in further detail. Or you could go directly to the summary here.

Story Three: The Taylor Force Act

Here at Clash it was killing yours truly that there was a legal provision forbidding the sending of money to terrorist countries, but I was drawing a blank on the name of the act and couldn’t quite recall the details of who it was named after.

Fortunately, America First Legal was already on it and had brought this case to court.

When Joe took office, a letter drafted by a number of elected Republicans implored Joe NOT to resume sending tax money to the Palestinians. Another letter signed by something like 150 Democrats urged him to provide it. You can guess who he listened to.

There’s a problem with doing so. In sending that money, he broke the law:

“We sued President Biden and Secretary Blinken for violating the Taylor Force Act and illegally subsidizing Palestinian terrorism.

Today, following barbaric attacks by Hamas — killing 14 Americans and 1000+ other innocent men, women, and children, and with an unknown number of Americans now beling held hostage in Gaza — the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas granted our motion to begin discovery in our case. We are going to show what the Biden Administration knew about their plans and the outcomes of their policies.”


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