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Jake Tapper Astonished To Find HIS Side Actually Guilty Of The Racism He Tags GOP With

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Jake Tapper took a long enough break from endlessly playing the race card against Republicans to notice that Democrats seem to have a lot of animosity against Jewish people.

A quick search shows just how quick Tapper is to make outrageous allegations of supposed ‘racism’ on the right. But he’s starting to realize that his own side doesn’t like Jewish people very much.

An AWFUL lot of animosity. Here he is mentioning it.

He was shocked — SHOCKED — to learn that a party that has come to define itself in terms of racial hierarchy and has embraced the anti-Israel BDS movement has some VERY unsavory views of Jewish people.

You’d think the fact that they had been demoted to being just another flavor of those evil ‘white people’ should have been a clue.

Clearly not.

In other stories we’ve covered examples like Rashida Tlaib refusing to denounce the baby-killers as terrorists. The New York Times scrubbed the word ‘terrorist’ in favor of ‘gunman’ in a story about the death-squads who went house-to-house in the largest murder of Jewish Civilians since Hitler’s Death Camps were still operational.

What specific examples of racism is he seeing on the left?

Well, for one thing, you need look no further than DC where they are cheering as ‘martyrs’ the people responsible for raping and slaughering their way through villages and music festivals, killing young and old alike. Forty babies were killed in one place, some of them decapitated.

The left’s darling grifter group of the pandemic — BLM — invoked the murder, rape and kidnappings at the music festival with a cheery graphic of a hang-glider.

The hang-glider was significant was because that’s the tool the killers used in the sneak attack where they slaughtered 260 rave attendees, raped others, and abducted still others.

One journalists’ detailed description of kill zones shows how this was far worse than 9/11 in that this slaughter was personal where one defenseless victim at a time was cut down.

The Chicago chapter later posted that they were ‘not proud’ of that post. But had no intention of dialing back their cheers for a terrorist group that is more brazen in their dehumanizing tactics than Hitler’s Nazis ever were.

Let’s be sure to remind the corporations that donate to BLM that they are supporting people who cheer the slaughter of babies and rape of women.

As bad as the Nazis were, at least they had enough self-awareness and shame that they felt compelled to commit their crimes in secret.

Supposedly ‘respectable’ institutions spewed their bile in more ‘respectable’ ways. That includes supposed institutions of Higher Education.

Even elected officials on the left get caught out supporting the terrorists in the ‘wrong side of history’ here.

Another Leftist Nazi Story: This Time It’s Pro-Palestinians Waving Swastikas… Will Tlaib Denounce It?

Spoiler alert: she would NOT denounce it.
White House Blasts ‘Disgraceful’ And ‘Repugnant’ Comments By Far-Left Squad Members

Maybe if leftist like Tapper weren’t so hellbent on finding phantom racism on the right, they would be more alert to the very REAL racism on their side of the aisle.

But that would take honesty from lying media hacks that tell us Trump was tacitly supporting the events in Charlottesville despite Jim Acosta himself saying otherwise:

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