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Climate Scientist Says That Climate Change ISN’T A Crisis And That The World Won’t End

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The Climate Cultists will not like this interview…

Climate scientist Judith Curry talks with John Stossel on his YouTube show about the “climate crisis” and what the data actually says.

Curry used to be a climate alarmist, even co-authoring a study that linked big storms and global warming that was published shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

She took the criticisms by her detractors seriously and did what scientists do — investigate the evidence.

But it was the leak of hacked emails from East Anglia University in 2009, dubbed “Climategate”, that really woke her up to the corruption of the science.

She is now speaking out about the deceptive practices — such as bullying critics and cherry-picking data — of the IPCC and other climate alarmists. Instead, Curry is trying to bring facts back to the climate change discussion.

Curry says that it was climate scientists who began “cancel culture” with their charges of “denialism” for anyone who is even mildly critical of their position.

She then explains how climate scientists are “addicted to” extreme models that don’t reflect the reality that we’re in. These are the people fuelling the climate hysterics like Greta Thunberg, Just Stop Oil, and Extinction Rebellion.

Curry also explains that the IPCC predictions aren’t as bad as we’re being led to believe by the climate extremists.

Grab a beverage and watch the whole thing. It’s worth your time.

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