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Angry Leftist Rams Presidential Candidate’s Car… Here’s How He Reacted

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If Trump is like a MOAB leaving a wake of destruction on a battlefield, this guy is more like that surgical strike drone that can take out one target with hardly any collateral damage.

They are both valuable assets in the arsenal, but effective in different ways for different reasons.

Vivek can pack just as much punch as Trump does when he pick a target to take down — but he’s far less bombastic in how he does it.

There is one key upside to that approach in an environment like today’s — it doesn’t burn the bridges that independents and moderates might cross to come over to our side.

If we want to recreate a ‘Reagan coalition’ to throw the bums out and save the country, it will take a LOT of help from purple districts and states. Vivek’s reaction to having his car rammed by a criminal activist that hates everything we stand for gave him an opportunity to show what that precision looks like.

First, an example of a campaign stop in Iowa where he took time to give people protesting his event some honest answers to their complaints against him.

He probably surprised some of them when he agreed that, yes, the RNC is corrupt.

He even took a little time to walk and talk with one young guy holding strong disagreements with his positions on climate.

But some people only want an opportunity to spew rage.

Including a couple of swear-y people driving a car with Minnesota plates who rammed the rental car Vivek and his campaign were using. (He was NOT in it at the time, and the impact was limited to property damage of about ‘$600 on both cars’.)

Interestingly, the antagonists who rammed the car are getting off pretty easily, despite documented evidence of hostility toward the campaign.

Judge for yourself whether you think it’s ‘unintentional’, like the police have claimed, or not.

Tricia’s tweet shows the driver flipping the bird on the left, and a video on the right where Vivek is standing right there as the driver leans on his horn.

Vivek was playing the long game here. He showed himself able to condemn the actions of the drivers without dumping on everyone who disagreed with his positions.

Independents and moderates pay attention to that sort of detail. We’re going to need more like him in the next generation of conservatives.

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