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Cornell University Placed On ‘High Alert’, FBI Contacted After Violent Threats To Jewish Community

Jewish students have been advised to avoid the multicultural center for their own safety.

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What year are we in again? It feels like we’ve turned the clock back about a hundred years or so.

Is America headed for a recession?

If there’s one thing that has been made crystal clear in the last three weeks, it’s that institutions of higher learning have been lying for the past decade or so about “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

The same places that insist on “safe spaces” on campus for minority students, that “inclusion” is a human right, and that both words and silence are violence, have become a teeming hotbed of hate against a group of people that make up just 0.19% of the global population.

While Harvard, UPenn, and most recently Cooper Union have been grabbing headlines for vile acts of antisemitism, the rot seems to run pretty deep when it comes to Cornell University.

Over the weekend, online posts calling for violence against the Jewish community at the upstate New York university were so shocking and aggressive that the university’s campus police have contacted the FBI to investigate a possible hate crime.

Cornell University has been placed on high alert after a series of “horrendous, antisemitic” online threats were made against its Jewish community, school officials said on Sunday night.
The university said that it notified law enforcement over the weekend after threats directed at Jewish students and the Center for Jewish Living were posted on Greekrank, a discussion board unaffiliated with Cornell…
…The University’s Jewish Center Cornell Hillel said in a statement posted to Instagram that it had advised students and staff to avoid the building “out of an abundance of caution”.
A community alert sent by the Cornell University Police Department for the entire city of Ithaca said that “evidence suggests the targeted locations were intentionally selected because of perpetrator’s bias”.
Campus police are currently investigating the posts, the university’s president Martha Pollack said in a statement.
Meanwhile, Cornell Police have also notified the FBI of a potential hate crime, she said.
Source: The Independent UK

The handful of violent posts appeared on an online forum called GreekRank, a discussion board that ranks student life as well as fraternities and sororities on campuses and is not affiliated with the university itself.

The posts were just awful. Some expressed solidarity with Hamas terrorists saying that Israel “deserved” the attack on October 7 because it’s a “genocidal colonialist” enterprise, while others dehumanized Jews and explicitly called for them to be raped and murdered.

Breaking 911 posted photos of the forum posts on the social media platform, X.


Annie Vail, a 2022 graduate of Cornell, was cited as a source for the screenshots of the posts.

She has continued to post updates about her alma mater.

She noted that Cornell is the only Ivy League university that doesn’t have a Hillel building on campus.

Vail also posted a response from Cornell’s administration.

“Threats of violence are absolutely intolerable, and we will work to ensure that the person or people who posted them are punished to the full extent of the law. Our immediate focus is on keeping the community safe; we will continue to prioritize that,” said Cornell President Martha Pollock in a statement.

“We will not tolerate antisemitism at Cornell. The virulence and destructiveness of antisemitism is real and deeply impacting our Jewish students, faculty and staff, as well as the entire Cornell community,” she added. “This incident highlights the need to combat the forces that are dividing us and driving us toward hate.”

Gov. Hochul then met with Cornell students.

These online posts come less than a week after anti-Israel and anti-Jewish graffiti was spray painted on the sidewalks on the Cornell campus.

Spray paint on the main sidewalk of Campus Road, depicting messages such as “Zionism = Racism” and “Israel is Fascist” appeared on Wednesday morning.
Some time before 9:00 AM, the graffiti began on Campus Road sidewalks between Olin and Sage Halls on campus. As-yet unknown perpetrators painted messages in red and white spray paint and displayed the following messages along the primary thoroughfare: “Israel is Fascist,” “Zionism = Racism,” “Free Palestine,” and “F*ck Israel.”
At this time, it is unclear who or which organization participated in this act of vandalism upon Cornell’s campus. Under NYS Penal Law § 145.60, the making and displaying of graffiti is a Class A misdemeanor.
Campus Road is one of the busiest sections of campus, joining the Engineering Quad and Ho Plaza. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic on this main stretch ensure that these messages will receive immense visibility.
Students also found graffiti of similar messages on Ho Plaza near the Cornell Store.
Source: The Cornell Review

And that comes after a Cornell professor spoke at a “pro-Palestine” rally on October 15 to say how thrilled he was to learn that women were repeatedly raped, children were beheaded and burned alive, and entire families were slaughtered on a holy day.

Well, History Prof Russell Rickford didn’t exactly put it that way, but he did say that he was “exhilarated” when he heard the news of the terror attack by Hamas because “Hamas shifted the balance of power” and “challenged the monopoly of violence” in the region.

No, really. He actually said that.

Apparently, Prof. Rickford is unaware of the thousands of rockets that fly from Gaza into Israel on an annual basis.

As he admitted in his address to the crowd, he said this after many of the horrific acts committed were known and reported on because Hamas made sure to document their terror.

After initially defending his comments as a sort of snapshot of the moment, he eventually gave a mealy-mouthed apology in the Cornell Daily Sun that didn’t directly state what part of the speech he was apologizing for. Notably, this apology came after the University faced pressure from donors appalled at his

“I apologize for the horrible choice of words that I used in a portion of a speech that was intended to stress grassroots African American, Jewish and Palestinian traditions of resistance to oppression. I recognize that some of the language I used was reprehensible and did not reflect my values,” wrote Rickford. “As I said in the speech, I abhor violence and the violent targeting of civilians. I am sorry for the pain that my reckless remarks have caused my family, my students, my colleagues and many others in this time of suffering.”

“As a scholar, a teacher, an activist and a father, I strive to uphold the values of human dignity, peace and justice. I want to make it clear that I unequivocally oppose and denounce racism, anti-semitism, Islamophobia, militarism, fundamentalism and all systems that dehumanize, divide and oppress people,” he concluded the statement.

That just sort of rings hollow when he was saying that a week after the attack — the horrific acts of barbarism committed by the Hamas terrorists against innocent Israeli civilians were widely known by then.

To recap, in just one month…

  • Cornell announced that it won a 2023 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine
  • a prof called the Hamas terror attack in Israel “exhilarating”
  • ongoing protests on campus that include genocidal language like the phrase “from the River to the Sea”
  • anti-Israel and antisemitic graffiti was found on campus
  • forum posts call for the murder of Jews at Cornell

Cornell University appears to have a rampant antisemitism problem — but this seems to be a problem at most institutions of “higher learning” these days.

It just goes to show you that all the talk about “safe spaces” and “inclusion” was a sham. They never meant a word of it because they’ve made it clear that their sort of “inclusion” doesn’t extend to everyone.

Parents, grandparents, potential students and donors, take note and act accordingly.

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