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WATCH: IDF Has Video About Those Tunnels … In The Words Of The Terrorists Themselves

How does Israel know so much about the terror tunnels? Turns out jihadis are gutless snitches

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Jihadi terrorists imagine themselves fearsome warriors, advancing the cause of their religion. Champions of the Prophet of the Sword himself.

Putting an infant in an oven and baking him alive as the doomed parents are forced to listen to the pitiful cries until their turn comes to die is hardly the same as storming the beaches of Normandy where you knew there was a very good chance of being picked off by machine gunners even before you set foot on the beach.

It takes no special courage for gutless punks to butcher Shani Louk and discard her severed head that what’s left of her skull would be found weeks after the fact.

No wonder they needed to be hopped up on el-cheapo cocaine to carry out their grim plan. Having no courage of their own, they needed chemical substitutes.

Those who weren’t killed in the fighting were taken for questioning.

At least some of them spilled their guts.

The tunnel network explained — including video made by the terrorists themselves:

And here’s a CGI representation developed by the IDF

In contrast to Hamas terrorist who shows his cowardice in executing their training by using surprise and deception in storming farmhouses with heavy weapons before torturing, raping, killing or abducting them, Israel’s fighters are doing exactly what they have trained for.

The IDF wears their uniforms, and faces down an armed opponent with the ultimate goal of emancipating Israeli hostages.

Here’s what success looks like to them.

It’s a far cry from American lefties wearing images of paragliders on their jackets to show their sympathies lie with people whose previous leaders were literal Nazi collaborators.

Are you tired of people denegrading supposed ‘toxic masculinity’?

How about sending a counter-cultual message. One that celebrates Heroic Masculinity.

We just happen to know where you can get something to help you do exactly that.

Heroic Masculinity with Dog tags — (in 6 colors)

This is what heroic masculinity looks like pulls no punches :

And, since not all heroes wear capes — or dog tags — we’ve got one more. This one celebrates heroes from all walks of life. It’s in 8 colors, and before you ask, yes — one of them IS red with white text:

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