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‘Demons Be Gone!’ Civil Rights Activist Says ‘Racial Exorcism’ Of ‘White Guilt’ Is What America Needs (VIDEO)

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Bob Woodson is no fan of the new racism posing as “antiracism” and he makes that very clear in this interview by comparing it to demon possession.

Woodson, a civil rights activist and founder of the Woodson Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping residents of low-income neighborhoods address the problems in their communities.

He is also the founder of 1776 Unites, a push-back on the New York Times’ horrendously flawed and ahistorical 1619 Project fever dream.

In a 2020 interview with Mark Levin, Woodson didn’t hold back on what he thought of the historical fiction peddled by NYTimes darling, Nikole Hannah-Jones, calling the 1619 Project a form of white supremacy.

“[W]hat they’re doing is rewriting American history — and, unfortunately, they are using those suffering and struggle of black America as a bludgeon to beat America and define America as a criminal organization. And it’s lethal.””It is one of the most diabolical, self-destructive ideas that I’ve ever heard,” Woodson said, adding that it tries to lower the United States to the status of a “criminal organization.”…
…”It’s exempting [the African-American community] from any kind of personal responsibility,” he added. “It’s really white supremacy to assume that blacks have no agency.”
Source: Fox News

It seems that Woodson’s view has only been cemented further in the years since those statements.

American Greatness editor Dan Proft had Bob Woodson as his guest on a recent episode of his podcast, Counter Culture.

They discussed education in minority communities, the new fad of “antiracism”, civil rights, the dissolution of the black family, the real history of black Americans, and so much more.

Woodson is an intelligent, insightful man who has a wonderful grasp of history and always seems to have an interesting anecdote to share.

It was around 15 minutes into the interview, that Woodson gets pretty blunt about his thoughts on the new racism that is posing as antiracism.

“The first thing we need to do is get rid of white guilt,” Woodson told Proft. “I have become a self-certified racial exorcist.”

“Demons be gone,” said Woodson. “We forgive you for slavery or Jim Crow, now get over it, and stop writing checks to Black Lives Matter.”

During the interview, Woodson stresses how important it is to stop funding neo-Marxist race hustlers like Black Lives Matter and Ibram X. Kendi, both of whom are accused of squandering and/or misappropriating millions of dollars in funding and donations.

When asked about the seeming implosion of Kendi’s so-called Antiracism Center at Boston University, Woodson’s response was crystal clear.

“No, it’s a good sign, but it’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that they made a mistake and they need to stop making these mistakes into the future. They continue to invest in white guilt — get over it,” replied Woodson. “Get over it and invest in people that share your values.”

He then states that corporations spend millions for lobbyists “to get government off your back,” then spend millions on people like Kendi to get government on your back. “It makes no sense,” said Woodson.

He’s right. It doesn’t make any sense.

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