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HILARIOUS: NYC’s Mayor Tours Latin America To Pump Brakes On Joe’s Open Border

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Hizzoner Adams has come to realize that relief on his sliver of the border crisis will NEVER come from Democrats in the White House. Joe WANTS an open border and is actively ENCOURAGING them to keep on coming in.

Federal Democrats in his own State are even having press conferences suggesting the real problem is one of spending and support of the endless flow of people, rather than that open spigot itself.

Knowing he’s not going to get anywhere in convincing his own party to slow down immigration, he’s going after the supply-side of the equation: the incentives driving so many bogus ‘asylum’-seekers to show up on American shores.

Even he is still trying to walk a tightrope and have it both ways:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday will begin a four-day trip to Latin America where he is expected to personally try to dissuade migrants from making the journey to the Big Apple.

At a press conference Tuesday, Adams said he would travel to Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, as well as the Darian Gap – a treacherous terrain of jungle between Panama and Columbia where leaders who visited during the United Nations General Assembly last month told the New York City mayor that a “heavy flow” of migrants were pouring through to head north to the U.S.-Mexico border. Yet, Adams maintained the position that the border “should remain open.”

“We believe the borders should remain open,” Adams told reporters Tuesday. “That’s the official position of this city. But we have made it clear there should be a decompression strategy that we could properly deal with the volumes that’s coming into our city, and no cities should have to carry the burden of a nation … of the national government.”

Adams intentionally contradicted his chief adviser Ingrid Lewis-Martin, who recently drew criticism from city council members for insisting the U.S. close the southern border. —FoxNews

Mayor Adams will be going to the region and pitching the idea that there IS no pot of gold waiting for them at the end of this rainbow, NO five-star hotels, NO right-to-work expectations.

Of course, that argument would be a little more convincing if there weren’t so many stories about migrants being put up in New York hotels.

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