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Gorgeous Golf Icon Dishes To Cavinder Twins On Handling The Haters

Paige Spiranac has something to say about scolds upset at how she leverages her looks

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Paige Spiranac is known for golf, but she was hardly your typical staid, by-the-book LPGA type.

She often found herself at odds with officials. They didn’t appreciate her cleavage or her attire. While her clothing choices were often revealing, nothing about it was more revealing than what you might find ladies wearing in other public settings.

Needless to say, ALL of it was more modest than what you’ll find on your typical Hollywood red carpet. But people got in a tizzy because she realizes her sex appeal and isn’t afraid to lean into it. For example:

And for anyone who thinks she leaned into her looks to make up for a lack of talent, let’s not forget she’s played the LPGA Masters and has got a lot of videos out there of trick shots over the years.

But because she’s cute, she’s curvy and she knows it, she’s not taken as seriously as she might otherwise be.

Fast forward to now and a conversation she’s having on a podcast with Haley and Hanna Cavinder, the twins who captured the public imagination of basketball fans the way Paige captured the imagination of golf fans. Like Paige, they took some heat for ‘exploiting’ their looks.

Here’s the episode featuring Spiranac:

‘I have always dressed a certain way, and I think it comes from my gymnastics background,’ she explained.

‘If you’re wearing a leotard, that’s pretty much it, so I’ve always felt comfortable in form-fitting clothes.’

The athlete explained that when she first started golfing, she dressed more moderately because she ‘wanted to be taken seriously as a professional golfer.’

But she soon noticed that ‘no matter what’ she wore, she would receive negative comments.

‘There was one time where I wore a full turtleneck, leggings, I was completely covered head to toe – and people were upset with my outfit,’ she recalled.

‘I was like, “Clearly, no matter what I wear or what I do, people are going to be upset about it. So I might as well wear what I want and live the life I want to live. I’m just gonna do what I wanna do and wear what I wanna wear and if people like it, great, and if people dislike it, OK that’s fine.” —DailyMail

There’s a lot of truth to the idea that there is nothing you can do that will make your haters happy, so there’s no point in giving them a vote in how you decide your future.

Knowing what influences NOT to pay attention to is half the equation. What’s the other half? Learning important lessons from the best influences you have access to.

Fortunately, in a world where so many of the ‘influencers’ have so little worth emulating, we’ve still got great resources to pull from if you know where to look.

For example, bringing together some of the greatest role models in scripture for young women to look up to in a brutally bent world was the rational behind writing this book:

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