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Hey Palestinian Apologists — Guess Which Black Flag Hamas Left Behind With Their Victims?

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Scant hours after news broke about a surprise attack and the wanton rape, slaughter and kidnapping of Jews of all ages including many who were burned alive, we saw gatherings around the world where Palestinian flags were waved in ‘solidarity’.

In Sydney Australia, some even gleefully cheered, chanting ‘gas the Jews’ and Alahu Akbar.

American police forces are on high alert after the leader of Hamas has called for Jihadi attacks tomorrow. He is calling for them to be conducted in Palestine’s name around the world.

Some of the most vocal members of Congress seem unable to find their voices when it comes time to denounce these murders as reprehensible, grotesque, and inexcusable acts of terrorism.

There is a single standard fallback position of anyone defending the actions of Palestinians — they invariably couch it in the language of victimhood. Israel is the real terrorist here, Palestinians are trapped and desperate, an opporessed people fighting a desperate struggle against a superior force.

If they were expressing it in terms familiar to someone old enough to remember the Reagan era, they might invoke the storyline of the 1984 film Red Dawn, where a ragtag bunch of high school kids fight back after a Soviet invasion.

There’s just one problem with that particular victimhood storyline. It’s not true.

For one thing, the original language of the 1988 Charter of Hamas has language that is explicitly genocidal against Jews (and to a lesser degree, Christians). It frames as an explicit religious duty the use of violence to exert control over the entire region. That same document leaves no room for compromise claiming that it is consecrated as the permanently the property of Islam until the final day in ordinary human history comes to pass.

For the social justice zealots who will try to rationalize their way around these questions, those facts won’t even begin to move the needle.

But there’s another one that might shake them out of their slumber and question who it is they are backing here.

Have a look at this flag:

A better look at it. (Or is it another one?)

It wasn’t just the big black flag, either.

That same symbol was displayed on at least some of their uniforms.

The IDF published a photo on Thursday of an ISIS flag left by infiltrating Hamas terrorists in the ravaged southern kibbutz of Sufa.

The IDF will track down and kill Hamas terrorists who committed atrocities in the massacre of southern Israel and shared it on social media, IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said in an Operation Swords of Iron update on Thursday.

In addition, Hagari revealed that ISIS flags were also found on the uniforms of killed terrorists, restressing US President Joe Biden’s words that “Hamas is worse than ISIS.”

He noted the terrorist groups share the same ideologies, goals and mission statements. — JPost

It’s no coincidence that the word ‘genocide’ is being used to describe the most brutal attack on Jewish civilians since Hitler’s Death camps were still running in WWII.


Genocide was the goal.

After all — what exactly did Hamas apologists think the chant ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ was supposed to mean…?

Equality? Social justice?

No. It means killing and conquest.

When you think about it in those stark terms, it’s no coincidence that the pro-Palestine crowd at Sydney was chanting ‘gas the Jews’.

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