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‘I Only Knew That From The Nazis’ — Forensic Experts Describe The Horrors Hamas Unleashed On Innocents

It looks like Hamas took notes from the atrocities of the Third Reich.

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There has been a lot of “both sides-ing” since Hamas launched an unprovoked attack on Israeli civilians on October 7 — during the Sabbath on a holy weekend celebrating Simchat Torah.

Is America headed for a recession?

There have been a lot of questions surrounding photos and video of the atrocities that have been inflicted on civilians in this conflict. Unfortunately, many on the anti-war right are joining in the far-left terror apologists in dismissing some of the evidence of atrocities.

In these pro-Palestinian protests, there seems to be a certain amount of Jew hatred openly displayed.

People who support the Palestinian cause don’t believe the horrors Israelis claim have been inflicted on their loved ones, and the ghouls are demanding photos.

But even when that’s provided, they continue to deny it.

A photo shared by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a baby that was burned to death by Hamas terrorists was called an AI-generated image by some on the right because of a 4 Chan post that showed the same image with a puppy replacing the charred remains of the baby. It’s too horrific to show here. Here’s an analysis of that photo by someone who knows a thing or two about AI. Bottom line — the photo appears to be real, but it’s getting damn hard to tell, and that should frighten everyone.

The “Believe All Women” crowd saw the videos of the terrified woman with her hands tied behind her back being moved from the back of a vehicle to the back seat with blood-soaked pants and questioned whether that had really indicated that she had been brutally raped.

There were days-long arguments about the beheaded babies — was it really 40 babies that were beheaded or were just some of the dead babies beheaded?

Watch Ms. Palestinian Keffiyeh with her AK-47 earrings over in Mississauga, Canada deny that Hamas is a terrorist organization or that they had committed rape, torture, or that they murdered children and desecrated corpses.


That kinda makes me wonder if she couldn’t hold back a celebratory ululation when she heard the news that Jewish innocents were slaughtered by her beloved “resistance fighters” over a week ago.

Another doozy is the question by some on the anti-war right that questioned the validity of a photo shared by Israel of a little girl’s bedroom with blood splattered everywhere and whether the blood is actually real blood.

While we should all be skeptical since AI and deep fakes are getting much better, and there will always be propaganda spread by each side to make the other into the villain, we still have eyewitnesses. In this case, we have a lot of them.

So, let’s take a step back and hear what the eyewitnesses are saying.

Video of the aftermath of the slaughter of families at Kibbutz Be’eri is difficult to watch.

Dr. Levy Avraham was attempting to identify victims at Kibbutz Be’eri where at least 120 people were killed in a community of about a thousand.

Here is what the tweet says in full:

Testimony from Dr. Levy Avraham, a volunteer with the ZAKA identification of disaster victims team in Kibbutz Be’eri:
“Eden turned to Hell on earth. I still cannot escape the slightly sweet smell of rotting bodies, pictures of a hand here and a jaw with teeth there,. swollen bodies full of maggots and flies, burnt houses and wreckage, uprooted trees and wrecked cars, entire lives erased by the wave of a hand.
How much evil there is in the world. What a cruel creature is man.
I thought it would be easy for me. In the past, as a doctor in the emergency room I saw children who died from burns, and people shattered in auto accidents, torn faces. But with the first swollen corpse, covered in feces and urine , decomposing, I understood that this was different. To put a body into a bag sounds easy, but with a five-day-old body, it’s not easy at all. The shoes are full of liquid. The smell penetrates the breath and enters the soul. Touching the body with peeling skin and rotting tissue . A horror movie, but it isn’t a movie. At least four people. Stiff hands had to be broken in order to put them in the bad. The vomit reflex returns. And again the smell, the smell. In this way I worked with the brave people of ZAKA and we collected more and more bodies. Mountains of bodies. We lifted them onto the trucks. Some of them heavy. The back begins to ache.
I am completely secular and suddenly I understood that we are all brothers, that we all share the same fate, that the butchers knife does not distinguish between me and you, secular and religious, oriental, Ashkenazi, rightists and leftists. The same butcher knife would have killed all of us if it could
One fate puts us all together here. Shooting, chaos, on the edge of the depths of the soul. Some of the buildings are burnt. Some are ghostly houses. Television sets are still on, coffee cups on the table. Some of the houses are orphaned, turned into homes of orphans and widows. Some are destroyed to the base. We move from house to house. From time to time we feel a sliver of fear that maybe another terrorist is hiding somewhere. We reach a group of bodies at the end of the street where a fierce battle took place, buildings a pile of rubble, a book cover, Master Chef among the bricks, childrens toys, an old death certificate with a jaw and a human hand. Mangled bodies full of feces and urine are scattered around. Human hand? How could a human being do such a thing?
Collecting body parts is like a puzzle created by human hands, or by a murderous animal-like man. In God’s image, woe to a God whose image this is.
Here is a body with feminine hands in the wreckage of a house. A naked body whose mouth is tied closed with a cloth.
In one place there is a Toyota with a machine gun where the terrorists collected lap tops and purses that they looted. Someone said, “Look how the scoundrels tried to loot property.” I answered “They looted life. Not property,”
From time to time we hear mortar shells falling, a report of a terrorist in the kibbutz.
The flak jacket chokes the soul. The helmet weighs on the occupied mind.
There is no forgiveness, no atonement.
It is clear. If this wild animal had the chance, we’d all be in the same situation. There is no choice but to uproot them, because today it’s Be’eri, tomorrow, Tel Aviv. Not for revenge, not from anger, but for the will to survive.”

But it wasn’t just one kibbutz — there were horrors unleashed in communities near the border with Gaza and at the Nova music festival in the Negev desert where attendees had nowhere to hide from the Hamas terrorists that used hang gliders to drop in on the unsuspecting revelers.

Politico published a piece about the people who are doing forensic work in the aftermath of this horror.

Rabbi Israel Weiss, former chief military rabbi of the Israeli military, has volunteered to help identify the bodies of the murdered Israelis. What he describes looks like it came right out of Nazi Germany.

“The smell goes straight to my heart,” said Rabbi Weiss. Anyone approaching has to wear a mask to protect themselves from the smell of death.

“I cannot describe to you in words what it is like to see a pregnant woman who has had her stomach cut open and the baby pulled out,” Weiss, who served in the military rabbinate for 30 years. “I only knew something like that from the Nazis.”
Many bodies had been burned, he continued. The forensic examination by his team showed they were still alive when they were burned. “We found bodies of elderly civilians. They had all their fingers and toes cut off.”
Some 90 percent of the soldiers have been identified so far, but only half of the civilians, according to the rabbi.

The Rabbi isn’t the only one who is talking about the horrors that he has seen.

An Israeli reservist who normally works in IT has for the last five years been working on a corpse identification team preparing for a mass casualty event like this.

“We thought we were prepared, but we couldn’t be,” the 48-year-old noted, with a hint of caution. The numbers are too high. “The smell of death is everywhere.”
Her team is responsible only for the identification of women and works around the clock.
Avigayil listed the cruel treatment meted out. “We saw chopped-up bodies. Decapitated people, a decapitated child. Many shots to the head, as if one was not enough. A woman whose eyes were shot out.”
Her colleague and reservist Mayaan recalls: “We see them in stages of abuse that even if we knew them, we wouldn’t even recognize them.”
And they would see signs that are “purely torture,” she went on.
Source: Politico

Mayaan, 35, who works as a dentist, said that they found several cases of rape when conducting the forensic examinations. She also identified one of her patients in the process. His face was recognizable, but his body had been mutilated.

“Whenever I saw him, I closed my eyes and imagined him in my dentist’s office,” she said. “What we saw, we will never stop seeing.”

Understand that the Israeli government is releasing these horrifying images and accounts because, for more than 70 years, people have denied the Holocaust. There’s just something about Jewish people being slaughtered en masse that some people don’t seem to have much trouble disbelieving.

Now, they’re disbelieving with evidence in real-time.

What happened to “Never Again”?

The nation of Israel was formed in response to the Holocaust and the genocide hasn’t stopped. It’s literally in Hamas’s charter. 

Every appeasement that Israel makes and every initiative for a two-state solution is met with rocket attacks and terror from Palestinians. In 2005, Israelis evacuated the Gaza Strip in a “Land for Peace” initiative, and what did it get them? The Sunni extremist resistance movement, Hamas, as the elected government of the Palestinians in Gaza.

How do you negotiate peace with people who don’t want Israel to exist as a nation or for Jews to live anywhere, period?

People often ask how the average German could go along with Hitler’s ethnic cleansing. Well, you’re seeing it happening all over the world right now on the streets, at college campuses, and in the left-leaning terror-apologist media.

We see you ghouls. We see you.

And you’re really going to regret those new “cancel culture” rules you guys created.

If we don’t shun those who support genocidal, anti-semitic terrorists, then we shouldn’t have “cancel culture” at all.

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