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Is Elon Musk The Left’s New ‘Orange Man Bad’ — Evidence Supporting It Is Piling Up

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For years, Trump has lived rent-free in the left’s collectivist mind, lurking behind every corner hiding under the bed. But it’s looking like he’s got come real competition for that top spot as Democrat boogeyman.

DJT loomed large in the left’s imagination as the singular wrecking ball that could bring down their tidy little grift machine… and so they developed and shared a written plan to defeat him, even before the day he was sworn in as President. Even now we are watching that plan unfold.

Trump may be leading the GOP in polling, but he’s also buried under a gazillion litigations — both criminal and civil — that are designed to occupy his time, tie up his money, and eat away at his public support.

It doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or not. It doesn’t even matter if a bad conviction is later overturned in the courts. These are the same people who call Trump a ‘twice-impeached’ president, despite the fact that they couldn’t present compelling enough evidence for the Senate to rule against him.

But Trump isn’t the only billionaire who refuses goose-step along with the George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss types.

Elon Musk has no interest in playing nice with that crowd or pushing forward their notions of a permanent ‘regime change’ in America.

Musk has never quite fit in with the rest of the Silicon Valley gazillionaires.

But lately, he’s become a thorn in their side and it’s pretty clear that it’s now open season on Elon Musk.

Here is one example of how the left’s shrieking heads describe him lately:

It’s not just the media defamation, either. The Biden regime really seems to be sharpening its knives to take him down.

It’s one thing to have a beef with one or two of his companies, but Team Biden is treating him and every company he’s connected to if it’s a bigger existential threat than Xi Jinping’s ever-bolder encroachments by his army of agents from the CCP.

One tweet gave a pretty good list of the various ways the government is being mobilized to harass Elon Musk at the moment:

I think so. There are many investigations. It all began with his takeover of X and his efforts to turn it into a “free speech zone” beyond the reach of the Biden government’s censors. It seems that the government has a motive to search for reasons to bring down Elon Musk and initiate numerous investigations.

A group advocating for ethical scientific research is asking the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate Elon Musk for his recent claim that no monkeys have died as a result of Neuralink’s brain chip.

The DOJ is investigating possible secret perks that Musk may have received from Tesla.

The NLRB is separately investigating complaints about Tesla’s dress code for employees.

The SEC is investigating Tesla’s self-driving claims.

The Labor Department is investigating Elon Musk’s SpaceX for unfair hiring practices involving refugees.

The DOJ is asking an administrative law judge at NLRB to impose a civil penalty and to hire every refugee applicant he rejected.
Lisa Khan at the FTC continues to seek documents related to Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating environmental damage after a SpaceX rocket exploded.

The Pentagon is investigating Musk’s decision to deny Ukraine the use of his Starlink satellite.

It seems that he is targeted because of his political views.

From the current regime’s perspective, he probably IS a greater existential threat, for a variety of reasons. Let’s recap a few of them:

Team Biden is STILL cleaning up the mess unleashed by his purchase of Twitter, the release of the Twitter Files, giving a platform/voice to people on their enemies lists and playing a big role in the lawsuit that is undermining their ability to pressure Silicone Valley to police political speech on their behalf.

Their political enemies: team MAGA, COVID, Pro-Life accounts — and even renegade lefties who broke ranks with the regime were (*gasp*) allowed to dissent publicly.

Musk has empowered his Community Notes feature on Twitter/X to slap warning labels on disingenuous statements — even by powerful political figures and media types — to be fact-checked in a way that doesn’t allow dissenting voices to be silenced with a ‘block’. Under the OLD Twitter rules, voices on the right would be the only ones that would be slapped with any ‘additional context’ labels.

Musk provided a video streaming option that was used to great effect by people they hate — especially people like Tucker Carlson, The Daily Wire, and RFK.

Musk drew attention to the crisis border by going there himself and filming it.

As if all that wasn’t enough — Musk has been summoning the spectre of Andrew Breitbart by calling for an army of citizen journalists to give unbiased reporting while encouraging us all to abandon the more ‘traditional’ news sources.

If it was’t enough for him to be offensive to their views and ideology…

He keeps on poking the authoritarians by trolling them with posts like this:

Giving a CRAPTON of free publicity to the Police State video put out by Bongino and Dinesh D’Souza?

Even if nothing else he wrote would piss them off, THAT would certainly do it.

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