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Man Exhonerated After 16yr Prison Sentence Shot Dead While Attacking Cop At Traffic Stop

Life comes at you fast sometimes.

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Sometimes the system really DOES fail an innocent man. That was true in the case of Leonard Cure, who spent 16 years in the clink for a crime he didn’t commit. Two months after his release, he was dead.

He was an innocent man. Innocent, at least, in terms of the original conviction. But when it comes to the circumstances leading up to his final moments, that’s entirely on him.

Before you assume that we’re rushing to judgement or being too harsh, consider this: Mr. Cure was shot dead at a routine traffic stop with his hands wrapped around the cop’s throat.

Again, that’s a critical detail: ‘with his hands wrapped around the cop’s throat’.

Needless to say, leftwing activists and BLM types are already fitting him for a martyr’s crown and probably setting up religious candles with his face on then.

How did we get there?

It didn’t have to end this way. He’d already had a raw deal from the justice system Florida where the state of Florida itself acknowledged he had been wrongfully convicted of armed robbery.

But there’s really no way around it — blowing past a cop at 100mph is going to get you pulled over.

We have dashcam video of Mr. Cure being pulled over on the I-95 in Georgia. The traffic response came in response to blowing past the arresting officer at what was clocked at 100 mph.

He was NOT happy about getting pulled over, and made that very clear in the defiant tone he replied to the officer with.

Leonard jumped out of his truck and met the cop toe to toe with traffic whizzing past just a couple of feet behind the cop. The officer reached toward his elbow to steer him in the direction he was ordering Leonard to go and told him to step to the back of the vehicle and put his hands on the truck. “I ain’t doing sh^t.”

The officer saw he was dealing with a large man with a high probablity of turning the situaiton into a physical confrontation and he moved one step up the escalation scale. He unholstered his taser as a non-lethal enforcement option.

It went from bad to worse when the cuffs came out. Leonard said he wasn’t going to jail and the officer told him that yes, he was.

That’s when the physical confrontation began. Leonard grappled the cop, just one or two short steps away from passing traffic on the interstate. Leonard overpowered him and grabbed him by the throat.

That’s when the gun came out and shots were fired.

When the inevitable ‘shot an unarmed man’ stats get trotted out, be sure to remember the details of this story.

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