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GOP Leadership Drama Moves Into Third Week With No End In Sight — Here’s The Latest

With this kind of interminal chaos, the only real winners will be Democrat Ad campaigns

If Matt Gaetz had it all to do over again, you have to wonder if he would have done anything differently.

As you will remember, he was the one who pulled the pin that blew up Congress and left leaderless the only branch of government where the GOP has any power whatsoever that can push back against Biden’s lawless agenda and reckless spending.

Two weeks later, the House still has not installed a speaker.

Unless we find a way to get beyond petty political schisms — the only way to resolve that any time soon is is somebody cries uncle with that looming government shutdown and attempts a ‘bipartisan solution’ with the same party that has demonized Republicans for two years and has pushed an aggressively partisan agenda down America’s throats as though they were running with a Reaganesque mandate from We the People.

After two failed attempts at installing Jim Jordan as speaker — and positions on either side of the issue becoming more divided, not less — questions are swirling about the possibility of EVER finding a solution to this problem.

The House Leader vote

A third vote was scheduled to be called today. But it now looks as if it will NOT be called today, nor is it likely to be called any time soon.

Instead Jordan is likely to rally behind a plan to (at least, temporarily) expand the powers granted to the current placeholder leader who is aligned with former speaker McCarthy until the GOP can finally get its ducks in a row. He would continue in that in-between role until January 3rd.

These expanded powers would include moving legislation and spending bills.

The drama behind the scenes

Nobody should ever be surprised to learn that politics is a bloodsport. The GOP is no different. Since Gaetz first lit the fuse in this process, any pretence of camaraderie and team spirit is disappearing faster than the morning mist in a summer sun.

The knives are out and the attacks, which are getting personal, are not the kind of slight that can be easily forgiven. heard from three members who have been contacted by Scalise allies urging them not to vote for the Judiciary chairman, who stepped up to run for the speakership when Scalise dropped out last week.
Two other sources familiar told that during the two failed votes on Jordan’s bid for speaker this week, Scalise had members of his team strategically spread out across the House floor. Once the vote was over they ‘said things to members like, “hey, we should talk after this.”’ — DailyMail

One rep claims to have received ‘death threats’ from Jordan loyalists…

An Iowa Republican congresswoman who voted against Jim Jordan for speaker says she has received ‘credible death threats,’ as the party’s shambolic effort to settle on a leader took a dark turn.

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) revealed the threat on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, shortly after the House once again failed to elect a speaker and opposition for Iowa Republican Jordan actually expanded.

Rather than fall in line behind Jordan, an outspoken candidate with a reputation for trying to filet witnesses in combative hearings, the first-term Republican cast her vote for senior Republican Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas) in an an effort to stonewall a Jordan speakership. It was a flip from the previous day, when she backed Jordan as he failed to get the needed 217 votes on the floor of the House.

Meanwhile, across the aisle

The strongest argument FOR Jim Jordan actually came from across the aisle.

First, the partisan hack Jefferies said there were some Republicans he respects and can work with, and Jordan is NOT one of them. That may be intended as a sleight, but it’s actually a ringing endorsement.

An even stronger argument for him as leader came from Miss Green New Deal herself.

She’s actively campaigning AGAINST it.

AOC getting involved in GOP party politics to avoid an outcome she doesn’t like?

That’s about as strong an endorsement as you get in this corrupt town.

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