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Never One To ‘Waste An Emergency’ — Climate Hustlers Are ALREADY Leveraging Israel Conflict

The Eat Ze Bugs people just NEVER let up, do they?

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from a lifetime of crises in the Middle East, it’s the direct relationship between regional conflicts and the price of oil.

Climate alarmists have very unashamedly pushed agendas that would drive the cost of conventional energy up so high that people couldn’t afford to use it. (That agenda has included choking off supply-side production here in the West.)

In their minds, artificially high pricing will ‘force’ regular people to adopt the mode of living the activists all insist we adopt. Of course, being so much better than the hoi poloi, the jet-setters in their giant yachts are exempt from such odious rules as the ones they would foist upon the rest of us.

With things heating up to a rolling boil in the Middle East right now, it’s a good bet the oil prices will follow. That’s even more likely now that Iran is playing a more active role than usual, to say nothing about what would happen if any Israeli reprisal hampered Iran’s ability to export oil for profit.

At such a critical moment, do we move to rapidly expand oil production at home so that prices don’t skyrocket, causing poor people to freeze in the dark when winter comes?

No. It’s not a ‘crisis’… it’s an opportunity. The pain is the point. It can be leveraged to push change.

Let’s all ignore the fact that we haven’t managed to scale up this technology yet and even the 2035 benchmark is laughably optimistic.

The activists don’t care. Why should they? They’ll be insulated from any negative consequences. They’ve got more money than Scrooge McDuck.

“Today we are again facing a crisis in the Middle East that could once again shock oil markets,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. That comes on top of the stress on energy markets from Russia’s cutoff of natural gas to Europe over its invasion of Ukraine, he said.

“Put these two things together, and no one can convince me that oil and gas are safe and secure energy choices for countries or consumers,” Birol told The Associated Press in an interview ahead of the publication Tuesday of the IEA’s annual world energy outlook, which analyzes the global picture of energy supply and demand.

“This could further accelerate the energy transition around the world,” with renewable sources like wind or solar offering a “long lasting solution” to energy security issues as well as climate change, he said. — AP

Of course, there is another, very DIFFERENT, ‘long-lasting solution’ we could try. It’s the one Trump initiated: energy independence unleashed by a ‘drill, baby, drill’ policy.

Does anyone remember what we were paying for a gallon of gas before we had to go cap-in-hand to Venezuela and Russia to meet our energy needs?

Whatever the number was where YOU live it’s a helluva lot less than you’re paying now.

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