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REALITY BITES: College Grad Whining About ‘Hard’ Her New 9-to-5 Life Is

What she's really upset about is her 3 hour daily commute... who's gonna tell her?

At least this chick has the self-awareness to open with an admission that this might be ‘dramatic and annoying’. That’s more than we can say for many folks in video clips like this one.

So are we looking at here?

We’ve got a college graduate in New Jersey who has her first office job, it’s a 9-5. To her credit, she’s got nothing to say about the job itself, her responsibilities, or her employer.

She has a job and she’s happy to work it. That puts her miles ahead of so many freeloaders the world is churning out.

But there’s more to this story. Of course there is, or we wouldn’t be talking about it.

She can’t afford to live in the city, so she lives in NJ. That means she commutes something like 90 minutes each way and between her work and the commute, she has nothing left to give at the end of the day.

She’s got no time for friends.
For cooking supper.
For working out.
Or even dating.

What’s a girl to do?

Leaving aside the fact that she gets weekends off, she raises a real issue that college students need to grapple with, preferrably BEFORE the sunk-cost of a college education.

Everything in life comes with trade-offs.

She is chasing an office job in New York City and was blindsided by the tradeoffs that come with it. NYC offers access to a certain kind of office job, but it comes at a price. You live in a city where you either pay nosebleed prices for a dumpy little apartment in a sketchy part of town, or you waste half of your life standing around as a straphanger in the subway.

“I don’t have time for anything and I’m so stressed out.”

She has a job in the big city. That came with a commute.

Not every office job needs to be in NYC. Do you suppose she would be posting this video if her job was in, say, Kansas City or South Bend? Of course not. The math of a commute/cost-of-housing crisis would not create this kind of a crisis.

That’s just one path of the many available.

What if she was an entrepreneur?

Or chose a job with better flexibility, or the ability of remote work, or even a career portable enough to be used in a small town?

That’s not even looking at the other path that has fallen out of favor for so many young women in this feminist age: the path of homemaker.

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