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THE TEXIAN: A Disturbing Discovery In An Airport Near The Mexican Border

Trump caught hell for 'Bad Hombres' statement, but we've got an actual death cult shrine in an airport?

Submitted by ‘The Texian’

This sickening display is currently at the McAllen Airport, in McAllen, Texas. This is a Santa Muerte shrine. Santa Muerte, “Our Lady of Holy Death”.

This is the patron saint, death, of the Mexican transnational foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) still blithely called “cartels”. This is called “signaling”. The FTOs are letting Texians, who once yelled, “Come and take it!”, know, “We are here, we are taking it. All of it. Including your family.”

This is utterly unacceptable. This is a job for the men of Texas.

Stolen elections have consequences. Collapsed borders have consequences.