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Sidney Powell Takes A Plea In Election Interference Case — Will Turn State’s Witness

One of the biggest players in the drama was offered leniency -- Why?

Some of Trump’s legal counsel plainly told him when he had exhausted all legal options. Sidney Powell on the other hand was gonna ‘release the Kraken’. For some reason, Biden’s DOJ has accepted a very favorable plea deal. Why do you suppose that might be?

Sidney Powell was put in the Biden DOJ’s vice — and she cracked.

Of course, she’s Trump’s lawyer so this becomes a very convenient back-door way to ‘legally’ bypass confidentiality rules shielding Trump that they would otherwise have no means of revoking for a President.

As part of the agreement, Powell must “testify truthfully about any co-defendants” involved in the case and “provide all documents to the district attorney’s office” relevant to their case against the other co-defendants, according to Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee.
Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead counsel in the Georgia case, responded to Powell’s plea deal by telling ABC News in a statement, “Assuming truthful testimony in the Fulton County case, it will be favorable to my overall defense strategy.”
Powell’s plea comes a day before she was scheduled to go on trial along with co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro.
Chesebro, according to sources, last month rejected a similar plea deal with the state, ABC News was first to report yesterday.
[…] Powell, Chesebro, Trump, and 16 others pleaded not guilty in August to all charges in a sweeping racketeering indictment for alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state of Georgia.
Powell is the second defendant in the case to strike a plea agreement after Georgia bail bondsman Scott Hall last month took a plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to tampering with voting machine equipment and received probation in exchange for agreeing to testify at the trial of other co-defendants.
Chesebro, an attorney, is facing seven counts after prosecutors said he drafted a strategy to use so-called “alternate electors” to prevent Joe Biden from receiving 270 electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election, according to the indictment. — MSN

They are offering leniency? To the woman at the center of the Dominion Voting Machines controversy? That’s kinda weird in the grand scheme of things. After all…

The same DOJ that is even now trying to appeal court cases for J6 cases to INCREASE the already obscene criminal sentences of people who appear to have been railroaded from the beginning has used every trick in the book of making sure Trump is stripped of his lawful rights and protections. It’s entirely predictable that they would find some way to make an end-run against anything that would stand in the way of getting a conviction — however flimsy and easily overturned — to accomplish two things.

1) Put the word ‘convict’ into the public consciousness in time for the election in the same cynical way they have used the words ‘impeached’ and ‘indicted’ on an unsophisticated public to tattoo a negative association on Trump’s head.

2) Use this conviction (however flimsy and easily overturned) to invoke the 14th amendment (whose actual Constitutional relevance died on the same day the last remaining Confederate Soldier died). A court case to that effect in Colorado is already underway. It was initiated by one of the same groups that was actively involved in David Brock’s step-by-step ‘War Plan 2017’ to discredit and destroy then-President-Elect Donald Trump. Many of those plans unfolded before our eyes. And this is just one more example.

They tried to flip the co-defendant Powell was being tried with, to no avail. The DA’s office will now turn its full attention to him.

There’s one BIG problem staring the prosecution in the face. There is nothing illegal about putting forward an alternate slate of electors — especially when you have an active case before that state’s court that challenges the result.

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