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Terror Attacks Push Israel To Adopt Emergency 2A Gun Policy For Civilians

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The biggest obstacle with emergency preparedness is persuading people to do their preparing BEFORE the emergency rather than afterward.

The folks who’ve lived through a serious emergency will be persuaded by their experience that preparation is necessary. In most cases, that emergency is hopefully significant enough to shock someone out of complacency but minor enough that there is no lasting damage from the lesson learned.

Until now, civilians in Israel were pretty confident that the precautions they had already taken would be enough. And why wouldn’t they? They had invested in the Iron Dome, and bomb shelters, and they relied on significant security personnel to keep the peace whenever there was a dust-up.

They were not expecting a slaughter of Jewish civilians at a level not seen since Hitler’s Death Camps in WWII. Mothers and fathers were left to grab whatever improvised weapons they might find at hand to defend their children against death squads that were going systematically from house to house.

Suddenly they were aware of a scenario where a threat ‘out there’ somewhere. It was on their doorstep and help might not make it on time. The practical application of a gun as an equalizer suddenly became very apparent, even in a country that has no tradition comparable to the Second Amendment.

Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir announced Sunday in Hebrew an emergency declaration that will “allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves.” Currently, a mere 1.5 percent of the civilian population has a license to own a gun.

Emergency Gun Policy
Ben-Gvir’s emergency policies for the Firearm Licensing Department went into effect in 24 hours.

The laws that require proving “a need” to own and carry a gun have not changed. However those eligible to apply for a license under the “self-defense test” can now do the required interview on the phone instead of in person. The applicant will be approved for the license within a week under the new order.

While a citizen can still purchase only one handgun, the limit on rounds of ammunition has been increased from 50 to 100.

According to the minister, 4,000 citizens who applied for a conditional permit in 2023 but let the license expire before using it can now purchase a firearm. Another 1,800 people in the past six months who returned their guns to the government for not taking a training renewal course can get their weapons back. — Federalist

There’s still a big difference between their self-defense laws and the ones we would recognise in America, but at least you can get a fighting chance.

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