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Trump: Before & After Trial — With Reply To Question About Becoming Speaker

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With all the chaos swirling in DC, and the fact that Trump’s name has come up as a potential replacement for McCarthy, it was only natural that someone would ask him that question this morning.

He addressed the question here, telling America that his real focus was on the Presidency:

True to form, he threw a cat among the pigeons with this Truth Social post later in the day:

As you can imagine that caused a stir on social media.

He didn’t pull any punches on what he thought of the Democrats corrupting the legal system when he saw the press at the end of the day, either.

Letitia James tried to get her licks in on Trump.

Not sure it had quite the punch she was hoping for, though.

This whole charade may be a circus, but for a man who spent his entire life as a carnival barker, the 45th President knows how to handle himself under the Big Top.

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