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Israeli Military Shows PROOF That Hamas Uses Hospitals, Mosques, And Schools To Hide Military Targets (VIDEO)

Israel is being accused of war crimes in retaliating against the terror attack by Hamas on October 7. That is a giant load of crap and here's why...

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NOTE: This article may include commentary reflecting the author’s position.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is posting photo and video evidence of the weapons caches and tunnel entries that they’re finding near civilian facilities in Gaza.

They have found evidence that the Al Rantisi Hospital was being used as a Hamas base and that some of the hostages from Israel were held there at some point. Al Rantisi Hospital is a pediatric hospital that specializes in cancer treatment.

They also found a terror tunnel inside a mosque with a stash of weapons.

A journalist embedded with the IDF also posted a video of what they found on the grounds of a school in Gaza — a weapons storage facility and plastic guns to teach kids how to use them.

The IDF is posting videos showing that weapons were hidden everywhere including in a bag of rice.

This isn’t to say that the Israeli military is perfect — it isn’t. No military is. But it is doing a helluva job to mitigate civilian casualties in a place that is governed by a death cult that has openly said that it wants its own people dead and will not stop the terror attacks until Israel is destroyed “from the river to the sea”.

The Israeli government waited for two weeks before reacting to the attack to allow civilians to evacuate and dropped flyers to urge people to leave.

Israel has taken unprecedented measures to limit civilian casualties in Gaza.

“They have dropped 1.5 million leaflets in Gaza asking civilians to evacuate,” said Pentagon official Dana Stroul at a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on the Israel-Gaza War last week. “They have sent over hundreds of thousands of text messages and made phone calls to cell phones. … In our conversations with the Israel Defense Forces they have made clear they assess collateral damage estimates before they take strikes.”

The problem is that the terrorist group, Hamas — which is the official “government” in Gaza — is telling the Arabs in Gaza to stay because they want more deaths. They know it will get wall-to-wall media coverage in the anti-Israel partisan press. This is not just a hot military conflict, it’s also a propaganda war, and Hamas is currently winning on that particular front.

Perhaps it’s because the media around the globe is biased.

It seems that Israel’s response to the worst terror attack in its history is being critiqued more by the left-leaning media than the terror attack itself.

Beckett Adams pointed out in National Review last month that the Regime Media will never forgive Israel for not bombing that Christian hospital in Gaza.

Let’s not forget that this could all end today if Hamas handed over all 200+ hostages and the terrorists that committed these atrocities on October 7 and the subsequent maltreatment of the hostages as well as Hamas leadership to be tried for war crimes.

Speaking of war crimes…

Israel is being accused of the war crime of “collective punishment” by taking out “civilian” targets in Gaza like hospitals and schools, but that is an absurd claim on its face.

As you can see from the videos posted, these are military targets.

As the IDF has shown, Hamas deliberately hides its military targets in and amongst civilian facilities like homes, schools, hospitals, and places of worship, to use its own people as human shields — which is itself a war crime. This is largely ignored by the partisan press.

The only reason that civilians are in Gaza is because: (a) they’ve been indoctrinated into the Islamist death cult, and/or (b) Hamas wants them there and is actively preventing some people from leaving the area with blockades and live rounds.

Every death in this conflict from the terror attack on 10/7 to the “collateral damage” casualties of this war can be laid at the feet of Hamas. Israel didn’t start this war, and they didn’t want this war. They evacuated Israelis from Gaza in 2005 — some forcibly. There is no “occupation” of Gaza. Israel does, however, control its border because if they didn’t, they’d have a 10/7-like attack daily.

Israel is held to a standard by large segments of the media that Hamas is not, and it’s shaping opinion.

Today, the New York Post Editorial Board (God bless them!) blasted President Biden for playing into Hamas propaganda by calling for Israel to be “less intrusive” when it comes to hospitals.

From the piece:

President Biden on Monday again played into Hamas’ propaganda by calling on Israel only to be “less intrusive,” as if he couldn’t demand that the terrorists stop using innocents as human shields.
“My hope and expectation is that there will be less intrusive action relative to hospitals and we remain in contact with the Israelis,” he postured, later reiterating his call for a “pause to deal with the release of prisoners” and: “Hospitals must be protected.”
His phrasing amounts to a passive-aggressive dig at Israel, suggesting it’s being careless around the Al Shifa hospital complex, when it is striving to minimize civilian casualties — even as Hamas seeks to maximize them….
…Biden should be calling out Hamas for these atrocities every time he talks about protecting civilians.
And slamming the terrorists for refusing to accept Israel’s offer to get all children out of the hospital and all civilians to safety — and for hoarding for themselves the fuel the hospital needs.
Indeed, all the “pro-Palestine” marchers ought to be carrying signs condemning Hamas for its intentional waste of ordinary Gazans’ lives.
Source: New York Post

This is absolutely 100% correct.

K. Walker

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