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SCOTUS Formalizes Code Of Conduct… Will That Do Anything To Stop Lib Dark Money Slander Tactics?

Will Big-dollar donor continue their sustained attack against Clarence Thomas and GOP appointees?

Have you noticed how the Democrats opinion of the courts has suddenly undergone a wild shift? The court for which they once reserved their highest praises of is now the target of unrelenting wrath.

In a moment, we’ll take a look at the motives behind that shift. But for now, it’s enough to note that ever since Trump made those three SCOTUS appointments, the left has had their knives out to discredit them. They haven’t exactly been shy about floating ideas to ‘reimagine’ the courts. Translation: change SCOTUS so that ‘tainted’ GOP appointees no longer hold the balance of power.

The organized attack on SCOTUS

Senate Democrats, left-wing dark money groups (like The 65 Project, and their shady media mouthpieces (like Pro Publica) have been working overtime in trying to discredit GOP appointees as though they had been secretly ‘on the take’ and doing the secret bidding of Billionaires. Naturally, the flunkies at MSNBC have been shouting every so-called ‘scandal’, however unfounded, from the rooftops.

In reality, the Dems are just butt-hurt that their reliable work-around of having the courts force ‘progressive’ changes down America’s throat even when they didn’t have majority support among elected officials and the public at large are enraged that such a powerful tool has fallen into ‘enemy’ hands.

The drip-drip-drip of slander cherry-picks a series of ‘gifts’ that GOP-appointed Justices never reported for the very simple reason that there was no obligation to report them by the standards of the day. They deliberately ignore examples on the Democrat-appointed Justices doing the same thing, often on a larger scale (see: Breyer and trips from Dem Gov. Pritzker). In doing so, they go out of their way to ignore, for example, some VERY dubious practices by Sotomayor.

Democrat Senators were even trying to take the extraordinary step of creating a ‘binding ethics code’ on a co-equal branch of government. The response from Justice Thomas in May, when they were planning to subpoena him to appear made it clear they are not going to kiss the ring and behave as though he were merely some kind of a subordinate government official.

He draws his authority from the same Constitution the Senate does. He doesn’t run when they whistle.

While Democrats were looking for a way to create legislation to bring the ‘rogue’ (ie: not ‘progressive’) SCOTUS to heel, and getting ready to subpoena certain of the High court’s personal friends to appear before them, two things happened.

First — SCOTUS took the initiative from the Senate Dems

The Supreme Court on Monday issued a new “Code of Conduct” following months of heightened scrutiny from Senate Judiciary Democrats pushing for new ethics laws for the high court.

“The undersigned Justices are promulgating this Code of Conduct to set out succinctly and gather in one place the ethics rules and principles that guide the conduct of the Members of the Court,” the announcement Monday read. —FoxNews

Second — GOP made Dems blink on their subpoenas

Just a few days ago, Sen Durbin had begun putting the screws to SCOTUS, including preparing subpoenas for friends and associates of Thomas and Alito.

Senator Dick Durbin, the committee’s chairman, cited unspecified “scheduling issues” for adjourning the hearing.

The committee had planned a vote to subpoena billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow, a benefactor of conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, and conservative legal activist Leonard Leo, who was instrumental in compiling Republican former President Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

“We will continue our efforts to authorize subpoenas in the near future. The highest court in the land cannot have the lowest ethical standards,” Durbin said in a statement.

Some panel members attributed the delay to numerous amendments proposed by Republicans including to issue an expanded range of subpoenas – such as to liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s staff in response to a media report that aides promoted sales of her books in conjunction with her speaking events. — Reuters

Durban quietly withdrew those proposed subpoenas… for some reason.

Maybe this account of what was proposed among the counter-subpoenas could offer a clue as to the unspoken ‘why’ behind why he might suddenly had gotten cold feet. Senator Blackburn’s proposed subpoenas gained particular interest in the reporting. Here they are:

In addition to promising to seek subpoenas of several individuals related to a book scandal involving Obama-appointed Justice Sonya Sotomayor, she also threatened to open a Pandora’s box in the form of the flight logs from late alleged sex trafficker and hyper-connected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

“Since we’re in the business of issuing subpoenas now, here are a few more that I’ve filed. A subpoena to Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to provide the flight logs for his private plane,” Blackburn said.

“Given the numerous allegations of human trafficking and sexual abuse surrounding Mr. Epstein, I think it is very important that we identify everybody who was on that plane and how many trips they took on that plane and the destinations to which they arrived,” she said.

Others targeted by the senator’s subpoenas, according to her remarks:

• Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra regarding 85,000 illegal immigrant minors his department had lost track of.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the meeting was adjourned without subpoenas. — Western Journal

Maybe it wasn’t any of that. Maybe it was the proposed subpoena of a leftwing dark money group that is said to have been actively funding all of this scandal-mongering — Arabella Advisors.

Maybe Durbin thinks some skeletons are better left in the closet.

Why are Dems REALLY so desperate to undermine SCOTUS?

Let’s take a step back and see where this fits in a larger pattern.

Democrats who claim to ‘defend democracy’ now refuse to even enforce the laws that make it a federal crime to protest the private homes or offices of sitting federal judges… despite the fact that there has been an assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, the slightest infraction of the FACE act regarding abortion access will have this DOJ hauling seventy-some-odd year old grandmothers off to prison.


This is the same party that cast doubt on every election… until 2020. Now they want to arrest, or at least silence, anyone who doubts the ironclad certainty of Joe Biden winning fair-and-square. Do you remember when the ‘resist’ people wanting to get rid of the Electoral College? Now that that Trump is out of office and that same system was used (whether fairly or no) to get their hands on the levers of power in the White House, you haven’t heard them say boo about that.

It’s almost as if the left cares about how we order our government only to the extent that it will further their political agenda.

That same dynamic is at play with SCOTUS.


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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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