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After ‘Free Palestine’ Guy Lit Himself On Fire… He Inspired The Dumbest Tweet Of The Day

The whole point of that stunt was to rally the crazies, but one guy took it further than the rest

By now you’ve heard about the guy who lit himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy while shouting his support of the ‘Free Palestine’ sloganeering with what turned out to be one of his final breaths.

(The promised tweet comes at the end of this article.)

To most of us, this was a sad example of an unstable guy who got swallowed up in some overheated political rhetoric that bought into the neo-marxist assumptions about oppressed/oppressor dichotomies.

Such rhetoric leaves no room for old school questions of cause-and-effect, like the fact that Israel’s war with Gaza had a lot to do with the carefully orchestrated rape and murder spree launched last October that was followed by the unspeakable desecration of corpses and taking of hostages from diaper-wearing babies all the way up to an elderly Holocaust survivor in a wheelchair.

Airman Aaron Bushnell, for some reason, bought into the pro-Hamas/anti-Israel chants of the protesters. He turned on his video phone, walked up to the place where he would take his last act, gave a little speech about the issue as he understood it, explained what he was doing, set his phone down, dumped some kind of accelerant on his head, lit himself on fire, and eventually, died.

The same pro-Hamas crowed who tell us that we have to trans the kids or else they will commit suicide threw their unflinching support behind this troubled and suicidal man.

Newsweek covered (without praising) some of the tweets lionizing of this last desperate act:

“A hero and a martyr. May his death not be in vain. May it be a wake up call where we see the end of the genocide and the start of a free Palestine. RIP Aaron Bushnell,” wrote activist Aya Hijazi.

“I feel like I’ve been picked up and shaken, which I suppose was pretty much what Bushnell was going for. Something to shake the world awake to the reality of what’s happening. Something to snap us out of the brainwashed and distracted stupor of western dystopia and turn our gaze to Gaza,” journalist Caitlin Johnstone wrote, also adding she would “never recommend” anyone “do what Bushnell did.”

“Aaron Bushnell’s memory will be honored. His act is extreme like he described it. Yet, it is his noble message that matters. His sacrifice is now part of the sacrifices of the Palestinian people in its struggle for dignity,” posted activist and author Dyab Abou Jahjah. — Newsweek

Since he’s now a darling (martyr?) of the left…

…don’t expect officials to talk much about any extremist ties. That doesn’t mean none exist.

Mental health issues and far-left politics seem to be pretty frequent traveling companions, no?

Big-name leftists joined the chorus.

Cornell West was among those who praised the supposed courage of a man taking his own life.

Which leads us to some ironic context:

And an observation.

While they stupidly defend the waste of human life in defence of a terrorist organization’s official talking points, we did promise one tweet that was head and shoulders above all the others in stupidity.

And the cherry on top of the whole sundae of stupid? This tweet here:

Read it again. Slowly.

There’s far more stupid in there than you can take in on only one reading of it.

If these clowns think a disturbed young man who sets himself on fire for people who would throw him from a tall building for his sexual preferences is the modern definition of heroic, we need a better baseline of what that really looks like.

We can start here:

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