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ALOHA 2A: Island Court Rules Against Second Amendment Rights… Expect An Appeal!

Court invokes curious 'spirit of aloha' exeption for gun ownership

Unlike some of the original states in the Union, and those who joined when America was still a relatively young nation, Hawaii didn’t take on state status until 1959.

In other words, most of America emerged around the dawn of rail travel, but Hawaii came along after America had mastered flight and split the atom. America’s identity as a nation was pretty well established by that point.

Even the thorny civil rights issue was just a few short years away from turning the page on the worst of its history.

It isn’t as if the Constitution and the Bill of rights were unknown entities and ‘works in progress’.

Hawaii’s highest court ruled Wednesday that Second Amendment rights as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court do not extend to Hawaii citizens, citing the “spirit of Aloha.”

In the ruling, which was penned by Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Todd Eddins, the court determined that states “retain the authority to require” individuals to hold proper permits before carrying firearms in public. The decision also concluded that the Hawaii Constitution broadly “does not afford a right to carry firearms in public places for self defense,” further pointing to the “spirit of Aloha” and even quoting HBO’s TV drama “The Wire.”

“Article I, section 17 of the Hawaii Constitution mirrors the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” the Hawaii Supreme Court decision states. “We read those words differently than the current United States Supreme Court. We hold that in Hawaii there is no state constitutional right to carry a firearm in public.”
“The spirit of Aloha clashes with a federally-mandated lifestyle that lets citizens walk around with deadly weapons during day-to-day activities,” it adds. “The history of the Hawaiian Islands does not include a society where armed people move about the community to possibly combat the deadly aims of others.” — FoxNews

Now we have a single state claiming that inalienable rights that belong to every American citizen do NOT extend to the citizens of certain states.

It goes so far as to add a deliberate snub to the original text.

In addition, the Hawaii Supreme Court notes a quote from HBO’s “The Wire,” that “the thing about the old days, they the old days.” The court’s opinion states that it “makes no sense” for contemporary society to pledge allegiance to “the founding era’s culture, realities, laws, and understanding of the Constitution.” — — FoxNews

There was no mention of this no-gun Spirit to an entire generation of Magnum PI fans. The reboot seems to have him packing too.

Aloha, indeed. It must mean that they get you coming and going.

Try playing that arbitrary game with contract law and see how far it gets you… say when an employer decides your employment contract doesn’t mean what it says it means. Even yesterday’s hearings about the Colorado ballot case looked into the original language.

Just because you don’t LIKE certain rights doesn’t mean your citizens need to forfeit them. That’s the whole premise of Missouri’s lawsuit against the Biden adinistration for violations of the FIRST amendment.

How long before SCOTUS smacks this lower court in the face with the legal equivalent of correcting a naughty dog with a rolled-up newspaper?

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