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‘Border Bill’ Gets Savaged By GOP As Schumer/McConnell Push Toward A Vote

The GOP has plenty of leverage to get what they want -- what they lack is unified will

For years, Dems have been desperate to ramp up illegal immigration to achieve what one leaked email described as ‘critical to the Democratic party’s future electoral success’.

The Dem agenda

Since then, Dems have pressed every opportunity they could in shifting that agenda from a theory to reality. They have been more than happy to file lawsuits and write legislation, push propaganda, write policy and even show naked displays of raw political power — whether or not it flaunted the laws of the land — so long as they kept moving the ball down the field to their goal.

Elon has been posting a lot of ‘red pill’ statements about the border crisis which is well worth the visit. One example:

The Republican non-response

Republicans, meanwhile, can’t even agree on their primary agendas. With 10 Million or so illegal immigrants flooding into the country, Senate Republicans in leadership still have Ukraine as their top priority. Democrats are willing to walk away from any deal they aren’t willing to take… but Republicans won’t. They are deathly afraid of a shutdown, and the other team knows it.

Senate GOP would rather line up with Schumer and Biden against House GOP than with the party against a Democrat bill that scoffs at any principles the GOP claims to fight for. In doing so, they are giving Joe Biden air cover to say he ‘tried’ to fix the border crisis, but those nasty MAGA extremists were up to no good again.

News flash. It should be a giant red flag when Joe Biden weighs in, supporting this ‘border’ bill. Tead it again. There’s some unpleasant surprises lurking in there we should be aware of.

Gaza, huh? How did it work out when Democrats reinstated the funding to ‘humanitarian’ groups in Gaza when Biden took office? Didn’t they become actual freaking PARTICIPANTS both in the atrocities committed on 10/7, but co-conspirators in holding the hostages that WE still haven’t received back?

The Freedom Caucus types in the Senate have been doing everything they can to keep this ‘deal’ from going forward. As we mentioned last week, Mike Lee wrote an op-ed about Schumer/McConnell acting as ‘the Firm’… and short-circuiting some the most basic principles of America’s system of government: the ‘representative’ part.

When a couple of people make secret deals with no input from other elected officials — every voter represented by those elected officials is denied a voice in the process… and the whole system drifts further toward some combination of oligarchy, aristocracy, or plutocracy.

A conflict is brewing.

Unlikely battle lines are forming

The uni-party wants to press forward while border hawks and skeptics of funding foreign wars want to pump the brakes. They want us to take a good look at what poison pills might be lurking in this secret deal. After all… the House has already passed a border legislation bill — HR 2.

If the Senate wants to see a new law secured, they could work within THAT framework. But Democrats refuse to, because they would have to give up something they want… and think they have all the leverage in this agreement.

One of the things that has made Trump successful was a willingness to walk away from bad deals. Many Republicans want to take exactly that approach with this bad deal.

OOPS: Dem Senator behind the bill said the quiet part out loud

Tucked into a thread bragging about the ‘wins’ he thinks this bill brings forward (or at least the perception of it he wants the public to take away)

House Speaker Johnson calls bill DOA

“I’ve seen enough. This is worse than I expected.”

Many Senate Republicans are LIVID

Some Republicans in the Senate have begun to find their spine.

Will enough others join them?

Or was Mike Lee right about the powerful sway ‘The Firm’ has on our elected officials?

As poison pills go… how about THIS one?

The (comparatively) modest amount of money made available for border spending has no teeth obligating the spending or clawing back something on the Dem wishlist if/when Dems play ‘Lucy’ to the GOP’s Charlie Brown, and pull the football away just when our side thinks they will finally push a border wall across the finish line.

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