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Brennan’s CIA Behind Illegal Spy-On-Trump Operation — Shellenberger Explains The Bombshell

This has been speculated before... but now we've got evidence

Was the Mar-A-Lago raid REALLY an obstruction-of-justice operation to destroy damning evidence against the Intelligence Community?

Even Obama himself is implicated in this operation.

Shellenberger and Taibbi have news about a top-secret binder that was among the documents Trump had ordered declassified… this binder has the ‘rest of the story’ tracing to the REAL origins of the Crossfire Hurricane operation against Trump all the way back to Obama and Brennan’s CIA.

If accurate — it made use of the spy networks of Five-Eyes allies to ‘bump’ some twenty-six Turmp associates to create an excuse for American agencies to open investigations into Trump’s inner circle — and therefore, Trump himself.

So much for those so-called ‘smooth transitions of power’ the Democrats claimed to have abided by.

Here’s the story he went on TV to talk about…

Here’s some of the background information:

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Wes Walker

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