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Rob Reiner Says Politically Active Christians Are Acting ‘Antithetical To Jesus’

Don't you love it when non-Christian Hollywood elites weigh in on what they think Jesus's teachings are?

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NOTE: This article may include commentary reflecting the author’s position.
Hollywood director Rob Reiner, who was one of Biden’s biggest fundraisers in 2020, is raising the spectre of “Christian Nationalism” and warning that the Cult of Trump poses a “threat to democracy.”

In an interview with Newsweek, Reiner said that he, as a politically-active, progressive, Jewish man can say that politically-active Christian conservatives are not following the teachings of Jesus.

Reiner spoke to Newsweek to promote his new documentary, “God & Country”, to warn about the left’s new favorite boogyman, “Christian Nationalism.”

“Trump is a cult, and people who follow the cult are vulnerable people,” Reiner told Newsweek.

He explained how he became concerned with the rise of politically-active conservative Christians decades ago.

What made me want to get involved is I saw a movement happening in the country that was taking us further and further away from democracy. It started for me, the awareness of it, back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when Norman Lear started the People for the American Way [to defend democracy and advocate against authoritarian threats]. And I saw this movement to kind of push a certain agenda down everybody’s throat. I didn’t think much about it at the time in terms of what kind of political power they would attain. But I’ve seen over the years that they’re incredibly organized, incredibly well funded, and have attained tremendous power. And I saw that [with] Trump’s candidacy in 2016, again in 2020, and now it’s really hardened and solidified behind Trump.
To me, this is a dangerous path for this country to go down and for the world go down, which is authoritarianism, the idea that it’s my way or the highway, and that you’re even willing to resort to violence to get your own way. We saw this exemplified on January 6. That, to me, is setting the tone for something that could be much, much worse down the road.
Source: Newsweek

Reiner says that Roe v. Wade became the “galvanizing issue for Christian nationalists” and that there has been an attempt to undermine the “separation of church and state” ever since.

“The Christian nationalist movement is totally antithetical to that — it says that it’s my way or the highway and will resort to violence if we don’t get our way, which is what we saw happening on January 6,” said Reiner.

Is he completely unaware of the far-left extremists that smashed up D.C. when Trump was inaugurated, the Antifa and BLM activists that bring violence and destruction if they don’t get their way, and the relentless push of particular ideological agendas from every board of education, Fortune 500 company, and Democrat politicians, as well as a “secret well-funded cabal” that worked with activists to “fortify” the 2020 election and were ready to activate their minions to destroy cities if it went the “wrong” way?

This guy has terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So much so that he’ll support a dementia-addled midwit whose only accomplishment is establishing an international pay-to-play scheme that would make the Clintons envious.

But why is he weighing in on the teachings of Jesus and how conservative Christians are missing the mark? He’s an expert. You see… decades ago, he researched Christianity, but it doesn’t seem like it was a very deep examination.

The ethnically-Jewish-but-raised-secular Reiner had gone through a “dark period” in his life and in his search for God, he says that his one takeaway from the teachings of Jesus is basically, “love thy neighbor, do unto others as he would have have done unto you.”

No mention of repentance, the incarnation, or substitutionary atonement. Just the Hippie Jesus teaching that anyone raised in the West can parrot.

“[T]his movement that they have here seems completely antithetical to the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was about peace and love and helping thy neighbor and those less fortunate than ourselves,” says Reiner. “And I thought that was something that we should all aspire to. So to me this movement is going totally opposite the teachings of Jesus.”

Ah yes. Bailing out BLM rioters is a good thing but letting J6 rioters rot in prison is “justice”, right? These people. They can’t even see their own bias, can they?

Don’t you just love it when non-Christians are explaining to you the teachings of Jesus and how you’re a bad Christian for acting the way you do?

Apparently Reiner didn’t get to that whole concept of GRACE in the New Testament.

Clearly he was not really acting when he played Archie Bunker’s left-leaning son-in-law, “Meathead” on the 70s classic “All In The Family.”

It’s also clear that not much has changed — Reiner is still dead from the neck up.

Don’t be like Rob Reiner. Get yourself Biblically literate ASAP.

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