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Dementia Joe Heads To Cali And Has A Couple Of ‘Missteps’ On The Way (VIDEO)

It's become clear that Biden has difficulty with both walking and talking.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the Shambling Husk of Mediocrity currently occupying the White House, President Joe Biden, left for the Golden State for some good, old-fashioned political fundraising.

Democrat money-machine go “brrrr” as Cali Dems trip over each other to throw their money away to reelect the octogenarian imbecile and whoever it is that is really running the country. Cali Dems are positively desperate to inflict four more years of the hellscape that is the Biden administration on the rest of the country. Maybe it’s their committment to “equity” since they live in a dystopian nightmare, perhaps they just hate people who don’t want to be micromanaged by the government, or it could just be because Orange Man Bad. Who can tell?

Whatever it is, Joe is heading to a friendly state where Governor Patrick Bateman — oh, sorry, I mean Gavin Newsom — has been making it pretty clear that despite his protestations, he’s more than ready to take the helm of the Democratic ship should the current President be incapable of running in November.

President Joe Biden heads to California on Tuesday looking to soak up more cash for his reelection bid during a three-day swing through the state.
Going into the trip, Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday that they had collected $42 million in contributions during January from 422,000 donors. Biden ended January with $130 million in cash on hand. Campaign officials said that is the highest total amassed by any Democratic candidate at this point in the cycle.
Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez called the haul “an indisputable show of strength to start the election year.”
Source: The Associated Press

It’s been obvious to everyone that not only is Biden incapable of serving four more years, but that “Gavin with the good hair” is angling for a shot at the top job.

When Biden was asked if he’s heading to California to work out a “Plan B” to swap in Newsom in case he can’t make it through the campaign, the President got pretty annoyed and responded in a rather bizarre way.

So much for “indisputable show of strength” — it’s more like “Old Man Yells At Cloud.”

To be fair, Biden has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. He’s more like the spoon that accidentally got mixed in with the knives and nobody bothered to move it to where it really belongs. That’s actually a pretty apt analogy for Biden’s 40-year political career.

But I digress …

The confused-looking Biden then explains why he approached the press — to talk about sanctions on Russia.

He then ignores questions about Israel’s intentions to root out Hamas after they triggered a war by breaking a ceasefire agreement and committing a heinous terror attack mostly against civilians.

And then, he shuffled away to board Marine One.

Air Force One was still on the tarmac and it was already not looking good for Joe — he tripped twice going up the short stairs at the back of the plane.

We all know that no matter what the trip will be deemed a success because Hollywood will vote Blue No Matter Who and the Regime Media has picked already a side — it’s the party with the angry dementia patient, the cackling, condescending Venn Diagram aficionado, and the sociopath with the hair gel who desperately wants to shove them both of them out of the way to clear a path for his run in November.

Meanwhile, Newsom’s “Sanctuary State” Cali is going to find out what New York and the city of Chicago discovered the hard way — migrants require a lot of resources and residents get upset when the people who cross into the country illegally are treated better than the locals.

From the looks of it, that lesson is coming sooner rather than later.

Cali can’t tax the hell out of them anytime soon, but, hey, at least it’s a diverse group.

The line of people that crossed seems endless.

Even though the border crisis is starting to hit SoCal, it’s highly unlikely that Biden or his “Border Czar” will make time to head over to that border, either.

K. Walker

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