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Part Of Major US City Had ZERO Cops For 2 Hours Amid Shortages… Guess Which ‘Squad’ Policy They Embraced?

Oops: 'Defunding the Police' isn't so easy to reverse once you've gone there

A major city in Texas showed the world just how willing they were to join the radical left in their support of BLM initiatives… now they’re stuck with the consequences.

After the ‘firey but mostly peaceful summer of love’ in 2020, left-leaning municipalities practically tripped over each other to be the first top prove how dedicated they were to joining the movement that was soon to be discredited by dishonest grifters who took the money and ran.

How odd that such self-proclaimed ‘trained Marxists’ would be so money-hungry. I wonder if that’s part of any larger trend of any kind?

Anyhow, left-leaning elected officials in cities like Austin were eager to prove to the world how strongly they supported the idea that police were the problem and police funding should be directed elsewhere… even if they didn’t believe THEY should PERSONALLY see any reduction in police protection.

A Texas Democrat who was a strong advocate of defunding the Austin police in 2020 was accused of hypocrisy on Tuesday after he requested a police patrol in his neighborhood from the same department.
Rep. Greg Casar (D-TX) requested the police’s assistance through the United States Capitol Police, which forwarded the request to the Austin Police Department, according to Fox News. Casar also sent a letter to the Justice Department last week accusing the Texas police force of racism and discrimination against people with mental health problems.
“It’s come to our attention that Anti police king of the defund movement in Austin, who only last week called APD an agency with racist practices has requested enhanced patrols around his house for the next week,” the Austin Police Retired Officers Association posted on X on Tuesday. “We want everyone in Austin to feel safe, but this seems to us as the height of hypocrisy from the congressman. Maybe he should hire private security like his fellow squad members do. Sure seems like he wants the police in his neighborhood just not yours.” — WashingtonExaminer

Now the city he pushed his policies on just a few short years ago is paying the price.

Bullock blamed these circumstances on “staffing woes.” He said APD’s staffing was at 2006 levels – when the city had a quarter million fewer residents. Austin’s population is hovering just under 1 million now.

Bullock told Austin’s FOX 7 that the situation on Saturday was “not normal,” as APD would typically have “anywhere from 10 to 14 officers that might be available or working that particular time.”

A few days prior, Bullock said APD’s downtown dayshift had only six officers and four “got pulled to guard city council.”

“So, only 2 officers were available to answer 9-1-1 calls,” Bullock said. “Officers want to help Austinites – the City wants body guards.”

Bullock told Fox News Digital that APD is about 500 officers down from where staffing once was, and around 700 to 800 officers short of what the city’s own studies have previously recommended.  — FoxNews

Four got PULLED to guard the same city council whose imbecility triggered the shortages in the first place? Yikes.

Every day it seems the left is demonstrating their priorities.

And the ordinary citizen is just NOT on their list.

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