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Is A Vitamim Added To Your Breakfast Food Killing You? No, This Isn’t Hyperbole

Yes there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing

Those of us old enough to remember Saturday Morning cartoons will recognize a phrase that was in so many of those commercials ‘part of this complete breakfast’.

What that was SUPPOSED to mean was that parents could ignore how loaded colors-not-found-in-nature not to mention sugar those breakfast foods were filled with. “It’s ok. We’ve added vitamins.”

Let’s be honest. That’s a little like telling ourselves that the salad you had with supper negates the milkshake or slice of cake you chased it down with. But most of us have some kind of comfortable little lies we tell ourselves at some point. The unspoken truth about breakfast cereals was one we all seemed willing to wink at.

“Little Jimmy hates health food, but at least his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs” have added vitamins. Predictably, our health experts played along.

Do you know who questioned that conventional wisdom? Humorists drawing cartoons.

In Shakespeare it often takes The Fool to announce hard truths everyone else refuses to see.
In modern society, not much has changed.

Not that this should surprise us — almost 4 years after 15 Days To Slow The Spread we are finally admitting that our experts weren’t entirely honest with us. A new study of 99 Million people on the negative effects of a certain mandatory medical intervention has just turned up some reasons it was NOT as ‘perfectly safe’ as some were led to believe.

Food studies are every bit as tainted by dubious studies as products in any other billion-dollar industry. So it shouldn’t surprise us that studies finding negative consequences of practices health authorities once bragged about would take time to catch up with us.

“Some is good” does not mean “more is better”.

With niacin, for example, an additive with which much of our food is ‘enriched’, this fortification can help our daily intake soar WAY above healthy limits.

A vitamin added to cereals, bread and pasta might be linked to heart disease, a study found.

Niacin, found in many breakfast cereals and other ‘enriched’ or ‘fortified’ products, is a common B vitamin previously recommended to lower cholesterol.

But researchers found a chemical called 4PY, created when the body breaks down excess niacin, is strongly associated with heart attacks, strokes and cardiac conditions.

Dr Stanley Hazen, of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, said niacin could be a ‘previously unrecognised yet significant contributor’ to the development of cardiovascular disease.

‘The main takeaway is not that we should cut out our entire intake of niacin [but] a discussion over whether a continued mandate of flour and cereal fortification with niacin could be warranted,’ he said. — DailyMail

Just as we saw during the pandemic, experts were trying to solve one problem (real medical risks associated with niacin deficiency) and created new ones as an unintended consequence.

‘Strongly associated with heart attacks, strokes, and cardiac conditions’.

Seems like a problem we might want to avoid.

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