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Two More Stories Remind Us Why P*rn Is NOT As Harmless As They Claim

As long as it's consenting adults, we're not supposed to have an opinion... but...

Years ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving ran an old TV ad with a slogan ‘friends don’t let friends drive drunk’.

It was the beginning of an activism campaign — like a similar one about cigarette smoking — that leveraged peer pressure and shame to change the public opinion about two subjects considered to be pressing issues of the day.

As a result, public perception of both changed drastically. While people may still smoke pot or use vapes, social pressures have put a significant dent in cigarettes and drunk driving.

We learn two lessons from that. First, public opinion about moral issues can be culturally conditioned for better and for worse. Second, even supposedly ‘victimless crimes’ or ‘personal choices’ — like smoking — can become part of the national conversation.

Often, when the topic of pornography — especially online porn — comes up, we are given the usual libertarian/libertine arguments about consenting adults and not watching any if you don’t like it.

For many, it’s a compelling argument. One that is not easily dismissed. But every so often, stories come along that cause that entire question to be reframed.

Two incidents whose only connection to one another is the porn industry are now in the news. The first is a tragic story about a young woman’s suicide and the other is an ultimatum between one of the world’s largest porn sites and a government.

First, the tragedy:

The Cuyahoga County, Ohio, medical examiner’s database lists Karter as Kagney Linn Necessary.

The database says she died at age 36 on February 15, 2024, in the 4100 block of Redfern Road in Parma, Ohio. The death was reported by the Parma Police Department, according to the database.

TMZ confirmed the cause of death with Parma police and friends of Karter’s.

Karter’s last post on Instagram showed her on a beach on February 10. Other recent videos on Instagram show her pole dancing. She also wrote that she was dancing at an adult entertainment club. — Heavy

It’s worth remembering that for many people in the industry it’s not the ’empowering opportunity’ they were told it would be. Besides the disease and degradation that are part of the job, the risks of violence, the perception by creeps that you are now ‘public property’ that can be groped at will there is also a huge problem with drug and alcohol dependancy.

More than that, those who lure them into that scene have been known to deliberately set them up in a lifestyle the girls could not afford if they woke up one day with a desire to stop filming. The bills have to be paid somehow… and some stay in much longer than they wanted to for that reason alone. Someone who spent time in the XXX film industry even explained the process of getting ‘talent’ caught in a trap: Think Pornography Is ‘Harmless’? Then I Dare You to Read This

Creepy recruiters aren’t the only ones willing to employ coercive tactics. The big porn sites make BILLIONS and when something threatens their viewership, they go nuclear. Like the fight one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) name in the business is having with Canadian legislators right now.

The owners of Pornhub say blocking access to Canadians is among options they’re considering as they try to persuade parliamentarians to reject an approach for age verification outlined in a controversial Senate bill.

“We’ve taken different options in different jurisdictions,” said Solomon Friedman, a partner and vice-president of compliance at Ethical Capital Partners, which owns Pornhub’s parent company, Aylo.

“I don’t want to speculate on (the bill) in its current state. We’re going to committee to ensure that the wrong legislation doesn’t get passed.”

A House of Commons committee is set to study legislation proposed by Independent Sen. Julie Miville-Dechêne that would require Canadians to verify their age to access porn online.

The bill outlines a range of concerns about minors having access to sexually explicit material, including the potential to develop a pornography addiction and the reinforcement of harmful gender stereotypes.

It proposes companies that host such material ensure young people cannot access it, under threat of fines between $250,000 and $500,000.

The legislation doesn’t specify how sites should verify a user’s age, but options include the establishment of a digital ID system or services that can estimate an individual’s age based on a visual scan of their face. — CBC

People have been nervous about criticizing this company in the past because the ownership is supposed to include an ordained rabbi. Big deal.

Clash Daily hasn’t been shy about calling out Christian organizations when they get in hot water with sex allegations. If we’re willing to call out our own team — not to mention schoolteachers, coaches, activists, and anyone else who abuses their positions, — why would it matter to us WHO runs the porn site?

The story is the ultimatum, not who is making it. The site is lobbying hard to pressure the Canadian government NOT to require age verification steps designed to prevent minors from being exposed to sexually explicit material.

If that’s what they are arguing AGAINST… what exactly are they arguing FOR?

Porn is a heavy enough burden for many adults to carry, why would we want children caught up in it? Here are a few reasons kids (and adults, probably) might want to think twice about porn.

And because we want to end on a note of hope even for people who find themselves trapped in a life like that, there are many stories of people who walked away from that world and got their life back.

Four different stories ranging from all the way back when we started just before Obama’s second term to the present day show you that even if it feels like your life has gone off the rails, there are always options better than the tragic decision one made to choose suicide.

In fact, two of the women featured in this book would be completely able to identify with their story … and STILL became heroes of the faith.

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Wes Walker

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