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OOPS: Kinzinger Tries To Dunk On Elon Musk Over SpaceX… Fails Hilariously

Adam has pushed all his chips into the Russia/Urkaine narrative and it's all he's got left

If a leftist cannot hijack and control someone or something, they will see it as a threat to be destroyed.

Elon Musk is a great example of this.

Ever since he exposed their illegal information suppression game by purchasing Twitter, turning into a free-speech platform and (worse!) opening the books to journalists who colluded with the government to silence ‘dissenting’ speech… they have seen him as an enemy to be destroyed.

Biden officials have (conveniently) opened a multi-front war against his various companies, including a legal ruling that destroyed Elon’s compensation package in a company he himself built from the ground up.

In response, he has been pulling his corporate registrations out of Delaware and encouraging others to recognize Delaware as hostile to buisness and follow suit.

Between the Ukraine spending bill, Tucker’s interview, and rumors of Putin setting up nukes in space, there is a lot of buzz in the news about Russia again.

Adam Kinzinger has stopped pretending he’s ever been a supposed ‘principled Republican’. Recently he’s officially leaned into his identity as a pro-Biden shill with all the dewey-eyed zeal of a new convert.

Too bad for Adam that all the zeal in the world can’t compensate for being a mental lightweight.

He sees Elon as a ‘threat’ to his precious war in Ukraine because, what, he doesn’t think that another 100,000 lives should be thrown into the meat grinder if peace can be negotiated? Imagine that.

So Adam posts this tweet, trying to start a ‘discussion’. In other words, he wants to energize OTHERS (Astroturf protesters…? Government agencies…?) to take up a fight against Elon that Adam has no power to take up on his own.

In other words, he’s the antithesis of public servant. In fact, whenever I see his face, I think of THIS kid from the old cartoon, Disney’s Recess:

Of course, if Kinzinger looked anywhere beyond his own navel, he might learn something about the US space program that he obviously doesn’t know.

It’s captured in this question from his replies:

Rep Massie gave him a much-deserved public spanking.

It’s hardly surprising that Kinzinger’s criticism of Musk is self-refuting. Many of his points are.

And did you mention that Elon has helped America do something not accomplished since the Nixon Administration?

Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launched a rocket in the early hours of Thursday morning from Kennedy Space Center, setting off the first US moon lander mission since 1972.

It came not long after a SpaceX Falcon carrying an unknown payload launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida Wednesday afternoon. Minutes after the moon lander took off, SpaceX confirmed that Falcon completed launch and landing.

The SpaceX doubleheader came on the same day it was revealed members of Congress were made aware of Moscow’s plan to put a nuclear weapon into space to target and destroy satellites the world depends on. — DailyMail

Kinzinger is a petulant one-issue guy with apparently ZERO awareness of anything beyond the scope of of his narrow little bubble.

Better still, the wanna-be tyrant is ALSO a thin-skinned twerp who’s fun to pick on.

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