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SCOTUS Takes Up Trump Immunity Question… Leftist Are Losing Their Minds (VIDEO)

Strange how none objected when Smith asked SCOTUS to take this up BEFORE now...

The protections of the judicial system exist for the accused, not for the state and the prosecution’s almost bottomless pockets… even when the accused is named ‘Trump’.

Jack Smith tried to rush his dubious case to the courtroom in time to deep-six Trump’s political campaign. He did not get his rush job. It advanced through the same process as any other dispute.

Trump’s appeal for the relevance of Presidential immunity (the same issue Smith tried to have SCOTUS answer) has now risen to the highest court, which SCOTUS has now agreed to hear.

The announcement:

Trump’s public comment on the ruling:

Now that an unresolved detail of the law in a case involving a novel line of prosecution against a leading presidential candidate is being kicked up to the highest court in the land for review, the left’s talking heads are losing their [expletive].

Where was all this panic when Jack Smith wanted SCOTUS to take up the same question? Simple: they wanted this question out of the way so that they would have plenty of calendar left to horsewhip ‘Orange Man Bad’ in court. Now that SCOTUS made Smith go through the standard series of hoops, without skipping any steps, they are suddenly running out of road to criminalize him before election day.

Sure they’ve locked up most of his money with lawyers’ fees and judgments, but there’s still a ‘danger’ of him getting re-elected in November. They can’t even fathom such a horrific future.

With SCOTUS hearing this case on the merits — MERITS! They no longer have cherry-picked venues which they can claim a ‘home-court’ advantage.

They might have to *gasp* face him in November without having been handicapped by the weaponized DOJ. *Horror of horrors!*

Meanwhile, the lone Biden appointee to the Supreme Court made a idiotic statement about AR-15s and Bump Stocks that TV talking heads and other brain-dead leftists are taking as gospel truth.

(That social media account live-tweeted the hearing. You can see the whole thread here.)

Yeesh. I don’t think the Trump appointees are really the ones whose judgment we need worry about.

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Wes Walker

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