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‘Did Not Exonerate’ Biden — And Other Spicy Moments From Hur’s Testimony (VIDEO)

Both sides went in loaded for bear, hoping to come back with a devastating soundbite

The hearings began, as they always do, with opening comments by the chairman, the ranking member, and the witness.

In this case, the witness was (former) Special Council Robert Hur. He appeared as a private citizen, and carefully restricted the scope of his testimony to exclude certain topic he considered to be out of bounds, including questions about the investigation that are not covered in the report itself — including whether or not this or that line of inquiry or this or that witness were considered as part of his case.

Dems tried hard to claim he had exonerated Biden. He put them in their place.

And Russia-hoaxer and Impeachment prosecutor Jamie Raskin trotted out the same tired comparisons to Nazis and gulags:

By way of contrast to Jayapal, here is a series of questions about the nature of the charges that does NOT put words in Hur’s mouth.

Matt Gaetz hammers some of Joe’s lies point by point:

But the fact remains that Trump is prosecuted while Joe and Hillary both got a pass for similar situations.

Paul Sperry live-tweeted the hearings, and in his recent reporting revealed a detail Hur almost certainly did NOT include in his charging calculus, one that few have picked up on. The Hunter Biden angle.

They didn’t just mishandle the documents, they were notified  2 weeks earlier to leave any classified materials untouched when they boxed everything up. The classified materials were boxed up anyway.

NOW do we know why officials and not no-name interns were assigned the menial task of packing up Joe’s boxes?

If Trump tried this, there would be an impeachment for obstruction of justice…

Game. Set. Match.

Rabid leftist prosecutors throw everything but the kitchen sink at Republicans, right-of-center prosecutors are too timid even to prosecute specifically articulated violations of law.

Wouldn’t it be nice if both sides actually focused their energy on apply the law as it was written, rather than letting the fact that politicians are involved shape their decisions?

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Wes Walker

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