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Trump At 40 Wall Street After Bond Gets Reduced… Hits Back At Letitia James

This is the same building that Letitia openly fantasized about seizing

The fact that Letitia James is little more than a political legbreaker with the force of law behind her is now an open secret. And Trump is calling her on it.

The clock did NOT run out on Trump, her plan to seize his properties did NOT go as planned… and now it’s TRUMP’s turn to go on offense.

Ever the showman, where did Trump make his official statement about the case? He made it at 40 Wall Street — one of the properties over which Letitia was covetously licking her jowls.

Trump had the bond reduced, and — much to Letitia’s chagrin — he made arrangements to pay it. Better still, the penalties blocking his sons from serving as executives in New York has been blocked pending appeal as well.


Since we can’t expect the ‘news’ channels to run it, here is the public statement Trump gave after the ruling.

He says these cases are all about election interference. And do you know what? The more we see the facts of this case, the more realistic that claim looks.

Dems were hoping this would destroy Trump — but they’re in real danger of elevating him into a legend.

One that came back after the Deep State tried to destroy him.

Not exactly the storyline they were looking for… and a narrative that — if told well — could be hard to beat in the public imagination.

Bwana Trump Slays The GOP Beast

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