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Bill Maher Sides With DeSantis, Puts Tinsel-Town & Disney Groomers On BLAST (VIDEO)

The left turns a blind eye to f***ing kids when the other team calls it out

Remember when the left just about lost their minds over Ron DeSantis anti-grooming legislation? They gave it a pithy pejorative nickname and everything. Joke’s on the left now that other people are coming around to his point.

Just like the only person who didn’t seem to know about Harvey Weinstein’s wrongdoing in Hollywood were the people who could have put him in jail, it turns out that the sexual targeting of kids issue goes FAR deeper than the leftwing libertine activist class (and their enablers in politics, the press, and pop culture) have been willing to let on.

There really HAS been an agenda to corrupt kids to their worldview — we have it in their own words — and too many people in powerful positions have a very nasty track record of taking the explicit ideas they are exposing children to places that go well beyond the merely theoretical. (Let the reader understand.)

Bill Maher — who famously has no kids and doesn’t much like them — understands that there should be some limits to the sharing of his own libertine ideas on sex. The line that even he recognizes as one that should not be crossed is the corruption of children. Here, Bill makes the case that the hard-left activist class, despite all of their denials, has been doing exactly that.

It should go without saying that there isn’t much Venn Diagram overlap between Bill Maher and the political right on issues of morality.

That actually makes this point *that* much stronger.

When you find someone like Ron DeSantis and someone like Bill Maher lining up on a moral issue, there’s a really good chance that this is as close to a ‘universal morality’ that you’re likely to find in a pluralistic culture like that of 21st Century America.

He’s not just calling out the sexual exploitation of children on set at places like Disney and Nickelodeon, but the ‘banned’ books that DeSantis is keeping out of the hands of third-grade children and yes, even that new sacred cow of Drag Queen Story Hour.

For those on the WRONG side of that issue, it should be an opportunity for self reflection. Specifically, this quesiton:

In case that answer isn’t as obvious to them as it is to the rest of us… let us help you out. “Yes. Yes you are the baddies.”

On at least this issue, and probably some others as well.

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Wes Walker

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