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Hey Commies: Hit Netflix Show Launches DEVASTATING New Meme… You’ll HATE It!

The Three Body problem got a little TOO real with Commie struggle sessions

Remember that scene where Hitler was reduced to a screaming tantrum in ‘Downfall’ and that launched a new meme format? This could be the beginning of a similar trend.

The Netflix show this was taken from is called the Three Body problem, set in Revolutionary China. There is a scene where a physics professor is brought before the angry mob and denounced for teaching scientific ideas of which the party does not approve.

With a few changes to the dialogue, this 1960s Communist Struggle session suddenly looks a lot more modern… and not very Chinese at all.

Full credit to the creator, whose post is included below the video.

Wanna-be Commies seldom get to see the jackboot side of their ideology… and even when they do, they always make the same mistakes that Rousseau, Trotsky, and others like them have made… in thinking the revolution will never eat its own leaders.

Perhaps the most predictable outcome of any communist/soviet revolution is that it will eventually start being suspicious of its own inner circle.

If the inner circle isn’t safe… all bets are off for everyone else.

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Wes Walker

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