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PARDONS & PROSECUTIONS: Yesterday Was The PERFECT Metaphor For The Weaponizing Of Biden’s DOJ

Remember how offended the left was about those 'lock her up' chants? What changed?

For all the talk about ‘tyrant’ Trump sending the dogs after political enemies like Hillary Clinton… there’s no evidence that he actually did any of it.

Even clear evidence of ACTUAL wrongdoing — think Crossfire Hurricane — had barely a whisper of accountability at the end of the day. The Durham investigation may have uncovered some interesting and damning information, but it didn’t translate into anything resembling meaningful consequences.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s DOJ seems to be throwing the book at pretty nearly anyone who has ever shaken Trump’s hand in late 2020… while letting actual criminals walk free.

First, the pardons:

President Joe Biden has granted clemency to 16 people who were convicted of non-violent drug crimes, issuing pardons to 11 men and women and commuting the sentences of five other people in the latest use of his clemency power to address racial disparities in the justice system.

Biden said in a statement Wednesday that April is Second Chance Month and that many of the individuals getting clemency had received “disproportionately longer” sentences than they would have under current law. — AP


And here we were thinking he just had an affinity for lawbreakers… especially lawbreakers that like to violate national borders.

Next, the partisan prosecutions

If April is ‘second chance’ month, why is are the Democrats STILL harassing anyone associated with Trump and contesting the 2020 results on almost the same premise that Democrats contested the 2000 result?

On the same day that Joe was proudly pardoning criminal offenses, his buddies in Arizona were indicting Trump’s legal team… and making sure they tacked on the phrase ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ to his main 2024 rival for the Big Gig as President.

Because, as we all saw in 2022, the transparency and reliability of Arizona elections are the envy of all the country.

Meanwhile, the revelations in the Florida case continue

Earlier this week, we saw the now-unredacted information indicating direct evidence of White House involvement in the investigation into Trump. What came next was even worse.

We had heard complaints about Jack Smith’s subordinate trying to blackmail a lawyer into flipping on Trump. For some reason, that complaint was among the ‘redacted’ portion of the information provided to Trump’s legal team… which is now Unreacted.

With her usual talent for unintentional self-parody, Hillary picked this week to weigh in on ‘Trump trying to imprison his opposition’.

And they wonder why our side always says that the things Democrats accuse you of are the things they themselves are doing.

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Wes Walker

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