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HEY HAGUE: Dead Hostages Found Under UN Building In Rafah… When’s UNRWA’s War Crimes Hearing?

The UN has blood on its hands... yet again

Certain leftwing billionaires have been working hard to convince us that the people who slaughtered and raped their way through rural Israel on 10/7 are poor victims who need our support.

UN agencies that have been caught working hand-in-glove with Hamas, despite assurances that they were just innocent NGOs doing (as it were) the Lord’s work in a difficult situation. Caring for the sick, feeding the poor. Strictly humanitarian work, they tell us.

After 10/7, reports surfaced that challenged those assurances. Including claims of an UNRWA employee bragging about having ‘captured’ a hostage, and reports of one hostage being held in the home of an UNRWA worker and another by a doctor.

Gaza’s neutral observers aren’t so neutral.

When combined with the ’embedded journalist’ stories, where newswire ‘journalists’ were shown to be armed participants in the pre-dawn terror raid, it punches holes in the ‘neutral observer’ claims of many groups working in Gaza.

Despite howls of outrage at Israel that the people of Gaza are starving, record amounts of food are being brought to Gaza. Unfortunately, that food aid is being diverted and sold — SOLD! — by Hamas to its own citizens to fund their ongoing war effort.

According to the Pentagon, even that pier Biden bragged about in the SOTU has been no help. Besides our soldiers being put in harm’s way as a result of being shelled by the locals, none, I said NONE of the food is getting to the people.

CNN Headline from last Tuesday reads: Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population

Corpses of Jewish hostages abducted in October are now being discovered under Rafah

Not just ANYWHERE under Rafah, but it’s in a tunnel whose entrance is within an UNRWA-built building. This tunnel is significiant in that it was NOT part of the intelligence they had already accumulated, and it was so carefully concealed that IDF almost didn’t notice the concealed entrance.

Would these innocents still be alive if Biden and Blinken hadn’t worked so hard to stall efforts of Israel to take the fight to the terrorists?

We may never know the answer to that question.

Galei Tzahal military correspondent Doron Kadosh visited the tunnel in the Jabaliya “Refugee” Camp where the bodies of hostages Yitzhak Gelernter, Shani Louk, Amit Buskila, and Ron Benjamin were found.
He summed up the visit and described how the 98th Division gained control over most of the area. “Hundreds of terrorists were eliminated, and the troops from the 202nd Battalion describe fighting like they never seen before – tougher, against terrorists who they referred to as ‘bold.’ It is a tough nut that they managed to crack.”
The soldiers told Kadosh that on the ground, they did not have intelligence on the tunnel shaft where they found the bodies. “The soldiers had no information about the shaft. A lot of resourcefulness and sharpness was needed to understand that there was something out of the ordinary there, and enough stubbornness to search,” Kadosh wrote and quoted the Battalion Commander, Maj. Almog, who said they could have easily missed it.
According to Kadosh, several days were needed to fight in the area and to study the shaft until they reached the hostages’ bodies. The shaft from where the bodies were extracted looked totally normal. Concrete, a ladder, 10 meters deep.”
He added: “You certainly won’t be surprised to hear that the building where the shaft was was built by UNRWA, with European funding, as the sign on the building reveals.” — IsraelNationalNews

The commanding officer involved in the discovery described it this way:

A force commanded by Capt. Roy Beit Yaakov entered the booby-trapped house to search it. Even after eight months of constant fighting across the Gaza Strip, the troops went out of their way to check every closet and corner.
Beit Yaakov insisted on pulling up a rug in one of the rooms, and found a square metal door in the middle of the floor.
He reported on the radio that he had found a tunnel shaft, and Rotem secured the area and summoned a force from the Combat Engineering Corps’ elite Yahalom unit. The force, Samech 2, was commanded by Captain Aleph, who can only be referred to by his Hebrew initial.
[…] “We discovered explosives at the entrance of the shaft,” Aleph told The Times of Israel. “We began operating underground, carefully, with determination, using intuition. We found several suspicious areas, which ultimately led us to locate the hostages and to extract them that same night.”
“After we confirmed they were our hostages, there is no greater pride than that,” Aleph continued. “There is no greater privilege. And we want to continue ceaselessly to bring more and more hostages home.” — TimesOfIsrael

The UN has blood on its hands. What now?

Hamas terror tunnels with a booby-trapped entrance INSIDE an UNRWA building and a dead hostage at the bottom? Short of UNRWA directors caught on film in the act of personally executing civilians, it’s hard to imagine a discovery much more damning than that one.

This comes right on the heels of an arrest warrant being issued over supposed war crimes allegations against Netanyahu.

Instead of trying to exert authority over someone over whom they have no jurisdiction, and who is busy fighting a war with domestic terrorists within his own country, the Hague could turn its energies toward something within its own jurisdiction.

Like what did UNRWA know, and when did they know it.

That’s a trial that would turn over some interesting rocks. And that’s why we’ll never see them investigated. Because the entire organization has been reduced to little more than a European Socialist reimagining of the Soviet show trials.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck