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Florida Students LOVE School Choice … Journos Freak Out

Pay attention to who they ALWAYS side with in student vs. Teacher's union tensions

Journos (and other democrats) have a basic reflex to protect their political allies whenever they are in danger… no matter what.

This is the reflex that prevents them from talking about, for example, Hunter’s Laptop, his sister’s diary, or Tara Reade’s allegations that Joe Biden abused his role of employer to molest her back in his senator days.

Does anyone really believe that the ‘too old and forgetful’ to prosecute would have been a ‘get out of criminal prosecution free’ card if it was TRUMP ducking a criminal prosecution? And if he did, wouldn’t that be brought up every day as justification for him being disqualified as a candidate on the basis of the 25th Amendment? We all know the answer to that question.

With that reflex in mind, the media’s lockstep defense of public school status quo — despite all its failings — comes into focus.

According to EducationNext, the nation’s two top teachers unions have been among the leading financial contributors to national elections since 1990: “They have forged an alliance with the Democratic Party, which receives the vast majority of their hard-money campaign contributions as well as in-kind contributions for get-out-the-vote operations.” Teachers union members comprise 10 percent of the delegates at the Democratic National Convention, where they represent “the single largest organizational bloc of Democratic Party activists.”
[…] At their July convention, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the nation’s second-largest teachers union, voted almost unanimously to endorse Joe Biden’s presidential bid. In her convention speech, AFT president Randi Weingarten made no secret of the far-left policies and politics her union and its members endorse.[…]
FoundationForEconomicEducation (Aug 2020)

That same article shows the straight-line correlation between the influence such unions have on a locality to how resistant they were to ending lockdowns… with actual infection rates or risks to children or adults having NO bearing on those same lockdowns.

The fact that these lockdowns did serious harm to children is not up for debate. Nor is the fact that any of the dire pronouncements used to prolong these shutdowns did not hold up to scrutiny. They were questioned in real time, but the power of certain voices (including theirs) held sway.

This means that the interests of the unions and the interests of the children have been at odds with each other. Rather than take this as an opportunity for reflection on mistakes being made, they have continued to double down on their political activism, as evidenced in the squabbles over books promoting gay sex, trans issues, and — the new darling of the left — drag shows.

None of these are helping little Johnny read a book or solve for ‘x’.

The marketplace understands the obvious solution to an ineffective monopoly is to introduce broader consumer choice. And now, that principle is being introduced to the education system.

Journos and other leftists, predicitably, are squealing like stuck pigs:

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans have spent years aggressively turning the state into a haven for school choice. They have been wildly successful, with tens of thousands more children enrolling in private or charter schools or homeschooling.
Now as those programs balloon, some of Florida’s largest school districts are facing staggering enrollment declines — and grappling with the possibility of campus closures — as dollars follow the increasing number of parents opting out of traditional public schools.
The emphasis on these programs has been central to DeSantis’ goals of remaking the Florida education system, and they are poised for another year of growth. DeSantis’ school policies are already influencing other GOP-leaning states, many of which have pursued similar voucher programs. But Florida has served as a conservative laboratory for a suite of other policies, ranging from attacking public- and private-sector diversity programs to fighting the Biden administration on immigration.

School closures? Oh no!

Oh yes.

So long as teachers prioritize something OTHER than education, parents will bring their kids somewhere else. The only thing keeping many of them there in the first place have been arbitrary zoning regulations that trap kids in bad schools unless mom and dad have money to put them somewhere else.

Here are some stories Clash has covered about those other priorities:

This list leaves out a whole swath of stories about teachers failing their students in all sorts of egregious ways: from getting naked with their students, actively working to undermine parental rights, to sweeping violence under the rug, or showing absolute contempt for traditional American patriotic and religious ideals.

The monopoly is crying out to be broken. The kids deserve better.

The only reason to protect the status quo is for the political gain mentioned above.

Remind your neighbors about that when the complain about cycles of poverty and education come November.

The GOP are the ones fighting to empower impoverished students to access the same education that more affluent students get. But the same President who once opposed the bussing program his VEEP personally benefited from now opposes school choice, for very similar reasons.

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