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OFFICER DOWN: 8 Shot, Four Fatally, As Law Enforcement Serves Warrant On Felon

Elections have consequences... and so do ideologies

The hard left has done more than normalize clashes with police, they have demonized police, excused the wholesale mob violence of 2020.

That led, among other negative consequences, to the destigmatizing of cop-killing… as evidenced by the rising number of cops killed in cold blood in the line of duty.

Law enforcement officers with an arrest warrant demanded that a man come out of a house in North Carolina before four were killed by gunfire, the victims unable to survive shots coming from inside the dwelling, a witness and officials said Tuesday.
A task force made up of officers from different agencies had arrived in the residential neighborhood to try to capture Terry Clark Hughes Jr., 39, who was wanted for possession of a firearm by an ex-felon and fleeing to elude in Lincoln County, North Carolina.
“Even though officers were trying to take cover, they were at a disadvantage because the suspect was up at a higher level and they were returning fire from a lower position,” Jennings said, noting that the gunman was “shooting from upstairs.”
It was the deadliest day for U.S. law enforcement in one incident since five officers were killed by a sniper during a protest in Dallas in 2016. — AP

Dallas in 2016…? That rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Oh that’s right. That was the murderous black supremacist who climbed a tall building and shot the police officers who were giving an escort to the (otherwise peaceful) BLM march in Dallas. Some of them, not realizing they were the targets, struggled to protect the civilians they had been escorting when the shooting started.

Rather than denounce the racial animus that motivated such violence, Barack took a swipe at the cops, citing ‘systemic racism’.

Joe Biden, as he has shown us again and again, is no better.

If the activist left cared as much about the deaths of the working class stiffs whose job it is to enforce the laws that govern us, so that our cities don’t devolve into an American version of criminal protectorate like post-Soviet Oligarchs or the warlords running lawless places like the city featured in Black Hawk Down, they would be demanding changes to the law to protect those whose jobs it is to protect us.

They might even form a movement with a catchy name, say ‘Blue Lives Matter’. But that doesn’t align with their agenda or with their narrative. The left’s sympathies lie with the criminals, no matter who those criminals may endanger. For that reason, we’ll never see such a movement from the left.

Until something changes, both in our culture and in our consequences, good men and women in uniform will keep dying. And the cities they protect will become even more dangerous.

But crime ‘isn’t a problem’ under Biden.

Just ask him, he’ll tell you. So will the media flunkies who have locked their shields around him.

Pay no attention to the grieving father in DC being stiff-armed by Mayor Bowser, despite losing three sons to violent crime, two of them this Spring.

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