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SUCCESS: Argentina’s ‘Chainsaw President’ Show Up Bidenomics As A Grossly Incompetent Failure

Not only is Joe bringing the wrong solutions, he's not even asking the right questions

President Milei ran on a Trump-eqsue platform of making Argentina ‘great again’… and his country’s economy is turning around at a shocking speed.

When KJP was asked how Joe Biden was trailing in important polls against an opponent he had thrown the entire weight of his DOJ against, she was left grasping at straws. She took a page out of the Obama playbook blaming events from the previous administration… and the pandemic.

Didn’t he run on the claim that he knew far better than Trump how to get the country back on its feet after getting knocked on its back by the government-enforced lockdowns which, in hindsight, had dubious benefit?

Now, he’s claiming that the people are still reeling from lingering effects of the pandemic he was uniquely qualified to rescue America from. That sure sounds like he’s sawing away at the branch Mr ‘Return-to-normalcy’ has chosen to sit on.

After three years in office, he’s still sitting on inflation above 3% and national debt shattering records every year. Just maintaining the interest on that debt is eclipsing what we pay on national security, and Joe’s only real plan is to keep raising taxes.

Joe’s Bidenomics plan has NOT been working.

Contrast that to Argentina, whose firebrand leader was sworn in a few days before last Christmas.

He was elected because the leaders before him were running the country into the ground, and the people were ready for a radical change in direction. He ran on the promise of taking a chainsaw (he held up an actual chainsaw!) to bloated government programs, slash federal spending, and cut regulations.

Milei’s plan now has Argentina on the upswing

Milei has been in office for about six months now.

In sharp contrast to Biden’s failed economic policy ‘Bidenomics’, Milei has ALREADY begun to turn his country’s economy around.

Argentina’s Javier Milei was considered a lunatic and a threat to democracy. The people didn’t care. With inflation soaring through the roof at 300 percent and over 40 percent of the population in poverty, the Argentina electorate saw what leftist economic policy had yielded. They elected Milei, a Trump-like candidate who wielded chainsaws at political rallies, to right the ship. And he’s succeeding in that endeavor. Inflation has dropped to 11 percent, and the country posted its first modest surplus since 2008 […] […] Last week, Milei announced that the country had recorded its first quarterly budget surplus since 2008, a modest 0.2pc of GDP, but still an astonishing achievement in such a short space of time, especially for a country that has run deficits for 113 of the last 123 years.
Then, earlier this week, the central bank, which Milei has not yet gotten around to abolishing as he pledged, cut interest rates for the third time in three weeks. While they are still at an eye-watering 50pc, that will start to feed through into the economy very soon. Investors have started to notice.

Meanwhile, here in Biden’s America…

Are the people buying what Joe’s selling?

It sure doesn’t look that way.

Here’s Janet Yellen claiming Joe’s ‘top priority’ is to bring down the cost of living. (This was just last week.)

This is the very same Biden Administration Treasure Secretary that looked Americans in the eye back in June 2021 and told us that inflation was ‘transitory’. (Narrator: It was NOT ‘transitory’.)

The best Joe can claim is that compared to the 9% inflation we saw in the middle of this term, it has come down to 3%.

Of course, that’s still WELL above the 2% inflation rate the FED wants us to have, which in turn is more than double the 1.4% our inflation was at when Trump handed Joe the keys to the Oval Office.

Even WaPo was forced to acknowledge Biden was full of malarkey on this:

What is the public’s opinion of Bidenomics?

Here’s an interesting piece of objective data the left won’t want you to see, courtesy of Gallup.

Not only is inflation an issue, but the timeline makes it clear that inflation is VERY much a Joe Biden issue. That number jumped above 10% for the first time since the Obama years, and is more than DOUBLE what it was in the 2008 financial crash.

That seems kinda news-y, wouldn’t you say?

Gee, why isn’t this isn’t on the front page of every daily paper and the opening segment of every news show? Oh, right. We’ve got a Democrat in office. Their assignment isn’t to report the news so much as to shield the president from the ramifications of the news.

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