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Trump-Hating Dem Congressman Gets Called Out For MASSIVE Conflicts Of Interest In Stormy Case

Goldman goes on TV to trash Trump without acknowledging his own involvement in the case

For anyone following the efforts to sandbag Trump from the beginning, the character in this drama will be as familiar and as sketchy as Adam Schiff.

When we think of dirty tricks in the Trump takedown attempts of the dirty dossier and the impeachment attempts, Adam Schiff was up to his (pencil) neck in the orchestrated attacks against him.

There was another tier of characters that were nearly as central to those attempts, including elected Dems like Swalwell, Raskin and — right in the thick of it — one Daniel Goldman, who was point man on the impeachment legal team.

To say Goldman has something of an ax to grind against Trump is an understatement of colossal proportions. So anything he says to denigrate Trump in public should be considered with that in mind. For example, he went on TV to discuss the (laughably weak) Michael Cohen testimony against the 45th President.

Some of the things Goldman alleges in this tweet would be far more credible if directed against the 46th President, but that would require more honesty than the man is capable of producing.

That’s what he said on television. What he failed to mention in that clip is that Dan Goldman, personally, is not credible to speak to the media as a ‘legal expert’ on this case because he is PERSONALLY involved in the case, specifically in the coaching of this particular witness how to testify against President Trump.

Here he is Goldman — who serves on the judiciary committee — being called out by name for this exact conflict of interest during a hearing about the weaponization of the DOJ against Biden’s chief political rival.

And here is the cherry on top, showing that the convicted felon & perjurer who Dan Goldman wants us to believe provides proof positive that Trump — rather than Goldman — is the corrupt, power-mad politician can’t be taken at face value even in THIS testimony.

Not only is he working with the prosecution, Goldman — himself a New York lawyer — has done six-figures worth of business with the judge’s daughter.

But please, Dan, do continue to lecture the rest of us about ‘ethics’.

Even if the prosecution had bothered to name the crime Trump was allegedly trying to commit with the writing of these checks (even leftwing news sites can’t agree on what the underlying charge that supposedly justifies Bragg’s novel legal theory might be) the key question every jury has to ask themselves when listening to the evidence of any known liar is simple:

How do I know he’s telling the truth THIS time.

The fact is… they don’t. And now there are other people who claim that even that ‘star witness’ didn’t believe what he’s now claiming in court.

Daniel Goldman is preening like he’s on some kind of moral high ground. In a just society, his reputation would be just as tainted at the end of it as the (other) disgraced lawyer on whose testimony Bragg’s case against Trump seems to rest.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck