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WAR In GAZA: Why Ceasefire Deal Failed, And How Biden’s WH Is Backing The Wrong Side

They are pretending to still be staunchly 'defending Israel' but their actions say otherwise

Following the 10/7 attack, Biden made bold promises to stand with Israel as they took action against the people responsible. The war that followed was inevitable.

But sustained and organized pressure back home — in an election year, no less — has forced Biden’s hand. Chants of ‘Genocide Joe’ coming from his own base exposed a weakness in his support going into November. He had to placate the other side.

Before long, his own party was beclowning itself by calling for regime change in the government of a democratically-elected ally.

Despite Hamas having taken American hostages — who have not yet been returned — Biden is treating Israel as the bad guy in this arrangement. With America’s veto power in the UN, some of the UN’s actions currently being taken against Israel would not go forward without Joe’s implicit blessing.

The Ceasefire — Deal and No Deal.

There was talk about whether a ceasefire deal protesters here in America have been demanding would finally come together. There was talk that terms had finally been agreed upon. Hamas changed the terms, and the deal fell through.

However, Hamas changed the language in the deal — allowing the terror group to count the bodies of dead hostages among the 33 Israelis they had agreed to turn over in exchange for a temporary stop to the fighting, according to Israel’s public broadcaster KAN TV.
Hamas made major headlines when it said it approved a cease-fire deal Monday afternoon. But the Hamas deal had major differences from previous iterations put forward my Israel.

Wanting credit for returning dead hostages is even more obscene when you realize that Hamas is demanding far more than 1:1 exchange of hostages for convicted criminals, many of whom are serving serious time for roles they played in violent acts taken against Israeli civilians. They were being offered a ‘large number’ of convicted Gazans in exchange for the kidnapped civilian hostages. We already know that many of those hostages have been mistreated in unspeakable ways, including, but not limited to, being branded, tortured, raped, and killed.

We know this from the reports of those victims who have already been released.

Biden has picked a side

For all his bluster about having Israel’s back, the facts do not support that claim.

It would be bad enough if Biden was doing what he is doing in Ukraine, and funding both sides of the conflict (dropping sanctions against Iran, giving them access to money, and cutting American energy supply so that Putin and OPEC countries are making money hand over fist — which is going directly into their war chest).

This is worse. Not only has the Biden administration been violating US law in sending money to Gaza, where the government pays a pension to suicide bombers and other jihadis… and funding Iran, who is responsible for funding the near-total majority of major weapon system Israel’s terrorist neighbors have pointed their way.

Did we mention that funding model violates US law?
We did?

Under Trump, Iran’s back was against the wall, financially. Now they’re flush with cash. So Biden personally made decisions that resulted in 10/7 and the capture of American hostages.

Joe bends over backward to show himself sympathetic to Palestinians and Gazans, carefully caveating any criticism he may make of them… but his administration routinely condemns Israel for actions they take — often before those reports have been proven true.

But Israel? After almost singlehandedly bankrolling every terrorist group whose weapons are pointed at Israeli (and, often, American) targets, what news is announced in almost perfect coordination with Israel’s commemoration of the Holocaust?

The Biden administration last week put a hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel, two Israeli officials told Axios.

Why it matters: It is the first time since the Oct. 7 attack that the U.S. has stopped a weapons shipment intended for the Israeli military.
[…] Driving the news: The Biden administration is highly concerned Israel will invade the southern Gaza city of Rafah where more than one million displaced Palestinians have been taking shelter.

Here’s some context for ya. That same Rafa that Biden doesn’t want Israel to attack… is shelling Israelis.

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