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Young Woman’s Testimony About Falling Away From God Is A Must Watch

God's good news isn't JUST for the unbeliever, it's for wandering Christians wondering if they can come home to him too

Where do you turn when you were raised in the Christian faith and yet somehow life went off the rails anyway? You turn to the example of someone who’s been there and made their way home again.

Meet Regis Giles. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the younger daughter of our own Doug Giles.

At a very young age, she had a more than a taste of success. She was making good money, a company with employees, and enjoyed a minor celebrity status.

In her own telling of the story, that went to her head. It was when the lean times came after her company crumbled and she found herself crashing back down to Earth that she started asking the right questions again.

In this interview with Doug and Rich, she explains how this book is meant as a reference guide and an encouragement — first and foremost to herself, to keep her own feet on the ground, but also for anyone else who has wandered off the path and isn’t sure how to find their way back again.

This black belt warrior chica pulls no punches. Some hard truths about the reality of her own situation — and others in similar situations — are looked at in detail.

But it’s really a book about hope.

Even the hard truths are spoken with the intent of helping the reader climb up out of whatever ditch they find themselves in and back onto the narrow path God has for us.

As Rich points out, you need not be a backslider to benefit from this book. It’s a valuable tool for the young (or the young-in-Christ) to see the road ahead of them and avoid the pitfalls that Regis found herself stuck in.

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